QuiltCon Block Challenge!

I soooooo want to go to Quilt Con in February!! But with my job/life situation so up in the air, I just can’t plan for it right now… picture, a very sad face….

Are you going?? Do you know what it is?? It’s the inaugural conference and show by and for The Modern Quilt Guild. The first modern quilting event of its kind!  QuiltCon will feature top modern quilting instructors. There will be workshops and lectures by Denyse Schmidt, Malka Dubrawsky, Elizabeth Hartman, Anna Maria Horner, Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. How cool is this??? So cool… See why I want to go???

They are also having all sorts of challenges and quilt shows that you can submit for. The one that has been going on for a while is the QuiltCon Block Challenge. The challenge was to create a block out of the colors of the Quilt Con Logo. It has to be a certain size with no applique. There were a couple more rules, but I’m not going into them all!

So a while back I decided I was going to make a block. I really wanted to make another pin wheel block with no applique. But it never happened. Then I decided I didn’t have the time. Then time was running out… Blocks have to be postmarked by tomorrow. So I decided to do it! Ha! Seriously, this is so me. I had months and planned to do it months ago, then no, then yes super fast!

So I took my pattern for the tree that I used for the Modernista Swap and turned it into a flower. What do you think?? I like it, but I’m thinking I like the tree version better. I like the flower version, I just like the other better…

Photo credit for the fabric picture, Quilt Con website.

You could use all or just some of the colors, so I chose to use the tealish blue, orange, yellow and green.

15 to 20 of the blocks will be used in a quilt for a raffle at the conference. The majority of the other blocks will be used in quilts for charity. I hope mine makes into one of them!!!!


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A Pinwheel Quilt Square Tutorial

Whooo Hoooo! I’ve been a little absent from my blogging with my whole computer crash and trying to finish up my application for my Architecture License…. And I finally finished the application! About a year since I passed all my exams and got the go ahead to fill out the application. It was a pain, but it’s in the mail now, so I don’t have that looming over me every time I start a new crafty project!! Yea!!

And what’s up for today? A quick little quilt square tutorial! It’s pretty easy and I am kinda wondering if it even needs a tutorial, but I thought I give it a shot! I made the pinwheel square for the swap I just participated in, the Modern She Made Swap. Ha! All this time I’ve been calling it the Modern SHe Made Me swap, but it’s actually the Modern She Made Swap. Not exactly sure where the me came in… Anyway…

This square is a 5 by 5 inch square. There’s actually more applique than actual piecing for this one, but….

Step 1: (It’s kinda two steps in one, but bear with me!) Gather your materials, Fabrics, rotary cutter or scissors, pattern, buttons and some fusible adhesive. I use the Heat ‘n Bond, but there are others out there. And be sure to sue the one for sewing. If you get the heavier duty one, it messes with your needles, it’s too sticky! Next, iron on the fusible adhesive to the fabrics pieces you’re going to use for the pinwheel. You really only need about a 3×3 square of each fabric.

You can download the pattern here.

Step 2: Cut out all the pieces from the template.

Step 3: Sew the triangles onto the long rectangle ‘pinwheel stick’, using 1/4 seam allowances.

Step 4: Iron flat the triangles.

Step 5: Trim the ‘pinwheel’ stick square

Step 6: Sew the ‘pinwheel stick’ square to one of the other squares.

Step 7: Can you see it?? Maybe next time when I’m sewing with white fabric, I won’t use a white background….  Sew together two of the white squares.

Step 8: Sew the two rectangles together, lining up the middle seam.

Step 9: Iron on the two pieces of the part of the pinwheel. Align the corner of the pinwheel with the center of the four squares.

Step 10: Sew the pieces. I used a straight stitch, but a zigzag stitch that covers the edges would also work.

Step 11: Repeat steps 9 and 10, over and over and over! And if you’re making more than one square, repeat, repeat and repeat some more!

Step 12: Sew on the buttons. I quilted mine before adding the button, but you can do this before or after quilting. You decide! Either way, once that button is one, you’re done with the square!

What do ya think? Worth the tutorial? Or did you figure it out just by looking at it???

I can’t wait to get back to crafting!! I’ll have the tutorial for the whole cover coming up shortly!


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