Another Sewing Machine Cover

Another Swap

And another sewing machine cover!!

I don’t know what happened to this week!! OK, maybe I do… Just got home from a little week away at our in-laws vacation house, I’m scrambling to get ready for a job interview (ahhhh!!!), have the kiddo and husband at home with a dog we’re pet sitting…. Oh, and the Olympics that I somehow get mesmerized by. And it’s already Wednesday and I haven’t shown you the swap project I made!!!

A while back I posted my sketches for the swap and based on the comments I ended up going with the Modern tree design. My partner (I can’t say who she is yet, since she probably hasn’t actually received it yet…) requested a sewing machine cover and/or a sewing caddy. I was also inspired by my partner’s mosaic to use a bird in the design.

I used my own tutorial for the sewing machine cover and a design for the birds that I had come up with when I first started quilting. I love these little guys, although my husband thinks they need a body… I think they have a body… hmmm….

The swap was for one main gift and a small gift. So for the small gift I used my scraps from the cover and did a quick sewing caddy! This one is meant to go over an ironing board, so I added weights on the opposite side of the pockets. With the weights it won’t slide off once you add in your scissors, etc!

Partner, I hope ya like them!!!

And if you noticed, I mentioned sewing machine cover twice up above… That’s not a misprint… I got my swap package today and it’s a sewing machine cover!!! I love it!! My partner, Crystal from So She Stitches, used my sewing machine cover tutorial and got it right on! It fits perfectly!

The whole family was ooing and ahhhhing at lunch when the box came! My son has already taken the pin cushion and was feelin’ around to see if he could also have the little fabric box..

I love swaps! I love the things I made… (hehehe) and I LOVE the things I received!!!

Reversible Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Did I mention that I’ve never really understood sewing machine covers until I made one? I have a hard case cover that I never use unless I am taking my machine somewhere, so I’ve always kinda poo-poo-ed the sewn and quilted sewing machine covers. That is unless I made one for the swap I just did. My partner wanted one, so I tried my hand at it and decided that they are cool and I want one too! They can really brighten up a sewing room!

The most common ones I have seen are basically a mini quilt or tea towel looking piece with a bow on the side. Martha Stewart has one that I’ve seen a lot. And to me, if I’m covering it, I’m covering it. So I made a full-fledged cover with sides and everything!

So here’s how I made mine!

Materials: Not an extensive material list for this one! Just fabric, thread and a cutting device! And since I quilted my cover I also used some batting. This material is optional, but it does help the cover keep it’s shape a bit more than if it didn’t have it.

Step 1: Cut the pieces. For this step, I can’t give you the dimensions! First you have to measure your machine. The machine I was making it for was 16 inches wide, 7 inches deep and 11 inches tall. I added 2 inches to the width,  1 inch to the depth and a 1/2 inch to the height. So you need:

4 side panels- 2 from the inside fabric and 2 for the outside fabric. And 2 pieces of batting if you are using it. My side panels were 8 x 11.5 inches.

2 cover panels- My cover panels were 18 x 30 inches. The height + height + depth. And, again, if you are using batting, cut a piece of batting the same size.

Step 2: Round off the corners at the top piece of the sides. I just used a little juice cup for the shape, so it wasn’t anything too specific!

Step 3: Clip the cover to the sides with right sides together. Or pin, whichever.

Step 4: Sew the cover and sides together, but don’t forget the hole! Leave a 3 inch or so hole in one of the sides seams to pull the finished pieces through later.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the outside pieces.

Step 7: Put the outside of the cover inside the inside piece of the cover with right sides together. Does that make sense??

Step 8: Clip the two pieces together, aligning the seams.

Step 9: Sew the two pieces together.

Step 10: Pull through.

Step 11: Sew that hole in the inside side seam closed.

Step 12: Iron the bottom seam and topstitch around the edge. I used yellow thread on yellow fabric, so it’s hard to see in the pictures, but it’s there, I promise!

And Wahla! It’s done! And hopefully it fits! I was stressed about it since I was making it for a machine I didn’t have access to. But as you can see it fits her machine quite nicely!

And it’s reversible! When you’re needin’ a change, flip it around!

And if you’re wondering about the pinwheel quilt blocks, be sure to check out the tutorial for that here!

Do you have use a machine cover?? Do you want to now?? I do!

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