The MQG Riley Blake Challenge

There are perks to being in a quilt guild for sure! Not to mention the friends you make, the amazing retreats you get to go on or even the great shows you can have…. But there’s free fabric involved too!!



This Riley Blake challenge was just that! A challenge! When the guild has fabric challenges the manufacturer will supply each member with a little bundle of fabrics. Typically I’ve gotten little adorable bundles of 6 to 8 fat eighths and then you can make something! You can use just what’s given or you can add it to depending on the challenge ‘rules’.


This challenge was hosted by Riley Blake using fabrics from their Basics Category.. I blindly signed up for the challenge before I had seen the fabrics. I actually really like all of them, but together? At first I was a bit stumped!


I kept putting it off because I had no idea what I was going to do with this little bundle sitting on my sewing table. Then, as I mentioned before, my husband said, ‘make a bag. You love bags.’ I do love bags and I had been wanting to make a big bag to carry my quilts around while I am binding them. Or to take to Show and Tell at our guild meetings…


So I set off to make a bag. I had had this design drawn a year ago with some flying geese, so I thought why not! I used this tutorial for no waste flying geese that I love!

The rules state that you can add more of the line or solids. So I did add solids. A bunch of solids. The orange to the outside and the inside is mostly solid teal and yellow.


I did add some solids and the zombie fabric also from Riley Blake. At our quilt guild retreat I had seen Carrie Ellens using this fabric in her Riley Blake challenge quilt, and I loved it so, I had to add some into mine. The day after I got home I went to one of my local shops (right down the hill from me, how convient) and picked up a little bit!





On the inside I added a couplke of quilting pockets. One for scissors and a seam ripper. And one with Velcro to hold my hair clips that I use for holding the binding in place.


I also added a little needle holder! Right now in my little quilting bag, I just stick them in the side and I have found myself getting stuck. I’m hoping this will help!


I wanted the bag to be big, but I wasn’t actually planning on it being this big! But I think it will work for what I need.


I can’t decide if I like the front or the back best!

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WIP Wednesday!

I’m usually a one project at a time, but this month I’ve got all sorts of things going on! Our local Modern Quilt Guild retreat kinda helped with that! I’ll tell ya more about all the fun at the retreat on Friday! But now, do you want to see what I’m working on??


First up…. My Madrona Road project… Yes, this was a Modern Quilt Guild challenge from, oh, a year and a half ago maybe??? The hexi’s in the middle were my first attempt at hand sewing and hand sewing hexagons. And it got me hooked! Love them!


So Friday night of the retreat, I got the top and back of the quilt done! I’ve had the hexagon section done for a while, but I put the rest of the top together and the back!


Then Saturday morning of the retreat we had an activity, then lunch, then I started on this one! If you remember, I designed this quilt for my husband last December. And a year later, I started it!


By the end of the day, I had this! It’s about 80 inches wide now. I don’t have much further to go. But I ran out of fabric and my bobbin ran out and I wanted to get home for the Super Bowl, so I stopped!


Images via Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Blog

Next up… I’ve also got my pieces cut for our Quilt Guild’s January BOM! I’m going to do the bigger one in the same colors as my husband’s quilt, so have a matching pillow! And then the smaller one is going to be one of this month’s blocks for my do. Good Stitches group. Tutorials for both can be found here.


And lastly, my Riley Blake Challenge! I’m a bit late getting started, but I think I can have it done in time. It took me a while to figure out what to make. Then my husband said, ‘You like bags, make a bag.’ Hello? at first I kinda turned my nose up at his idea… I don’t need another bag… Then I remembered I was just thinking that I wanted a bag to carry my quilts in while I’m adding on the binding. I tote them around to gymnastics, etc… So that’s what I’m doing!

Then there’s a few kids clothes projects piling up too! AHHH! SO much to do! Oh, and getting my gator quilt pattern together… Oh, and… and…. Does it ever end??

What are you working on?