Weekend Whims- More Quilts

I’ve been thinking about quilts a lot lately… Probably since I’ve been working on one every day this week! I designed one for the Project Quilting that was supposed to be quick and easy, but it’s taking way longer than planned…. hmmmmm… So in the meantime, here are a few others that left an impression!

1. I do like the hexagon quilts, but I can’t ever remember seeing a Monster-z sized one like this one by Cloud 9 Fabrics! I love this and it’s even a tutorial…..

2. I’ve been watching all the wonderful inspiration, and of course amazing talent, being featured on the 100 Days of Quilts over at The Modern Quilt Guild Blog. I loved this Red Cross one by Anglea from Quilting is My Therapy and it has inspired me for a Christmas present… shhhh…..

3. Have you ever made a postage stamp quilt??? I am still learning about quilting, so just recently learned that this is what they are called. So of course, I’ve never made one, since I just learned about them… But this one by Elena from Breakfast for Dinner via Gen X Quilters totally made me want to make one. I can’t get it out of my head!!! I might have to find a way to make a mini one for one of the Project Quilting Challenges… ohhhh, I just had an idea…  ohhhh! I’m excited!

4. I love the improv pieceing of this one by Karen Anderson Abraham via The Modern Quilt Guild Blog. I need to try an improvisational pieced one real soon! They are some of my favorites!

What are your favorite quilt styles?

Project Quilting- Week 1 Challenge- Architectural Elements

There’s Project Runway, there’s Project Run and Play (which is amazing and very cool) and there’s Project Quilting!

This year, despite my better time management judgement and husband’s advice, have decided to participate in Project Quilting! It’s a crazy and kinda scary time here at our home, but I’ve been wanting to do more small art quilts so I decided to go for it…

The first challenge was issued on Monday and then the quilts have to be done by the following Sunday, which was yesterday. I just barely finished and got mine in on time. Better time management next week, I promise!

Originally, I had planned on using this one picture that I wanted to make into a quilt, but it was all grey and black and for some reason it just wasn’t calling to me. It was a project I worked on for a looong time at my last job. I absolutely love the picture, but I don’t think I had the right fabric to really make it pop!

photo via James and Vilija’s Flickr Photostream

Then I thought of the EMP building in Seattle and this wonderful pink silk fabric I have… That’s when I decided to switch to the colorful from the black and white. Then I found this inspiration photo with the muted tones contrasting with the background color and decided to use that one picture as my inspiration.

My quilt is a pretty literal take on the picture! Since the colors in the siding were actually pretty muted I didn’t even get to use the bright pink silk I had anyway! But I did need to figure out how to get the mottled look and different shades of color being reflected on the silver siding. This is where the use of layers and layers of tulle came in wonderfully useful. I printed the photo at the same size as I wanted the quilt to be. Then I kinda winged most of the pieces. Some pieces I’d loosely trace onto the fabric, but most of them I just eye-balled to get the right size and shape.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see the bolt pattern on the siding. Since, as you know, my new obsession is beading, I was going to bead the bolt pattern onto the quilt. I did almost half of it and then was starting to wonder if it was the right thing to do… The beads stood out a bit more than I wanted them to. Then my husband looked over from his video game and said, ‘Why are you doing that????’ He didn’t like it…. So, out came the beads! Thoughts?

Personally, I like it just the way it is! I’m a little confused on how the judging works, but once I find out how I did in the first challenge, I’ll let you know!

Shared with these link parties!

A Weekend Whim! Bead Art…

Friday Link Love posts are changing to A Weekend Whim posts! Lately it’s been hard to get my Friday posts done on Friday and whim suited these little link loves perfectly, so I introduce to you my weekend whims!

whim: noun \ˈhwim, ˈwim\  : a capricious or eccentric and often sudden idea or turn of the mind

And for my first Weekend Whim, beads! I’m obsessed….

1. This beaded flower by Lisa Jabbor just stopped me in my tracks! I can only dream of making a large wall hanging like this! I love it small, too, but I can imagine myself obsessing over a really huge one!

2. Lovely mixed media piece by Elsa Mora. Inspiring me to do a little more art!

3. ‘Bear of a Different Color’ is a quilt made up of different artists quilt blocks by Mat-Su Valley Bead Society. Read more about this beautiful piece here!

4. Another piece from Elsa Mora that actually triggered my obsession in the first place!

Project Organize!

Thanksgiving just passed and Christmas is coming on fast! I have a list of handmade gifts that I want to do, but what did I start instead??? A little winter cleaning. It started in the garage and I got about a quarter of that done… Then next thing I knew I was downstairs, tearing apart the sewing/computer room!!!

I know, I know, you’re probably checking the weather report… Was there recently a hurricane or a tornado or some other horrible weather condition in Seattle??? Nope, that’s just me! If you look closely you can see my son down there in the middle of the storm playing with fabric, yarn, thread and scissors. He was loving it. My husband… Not so much. As he tiptoed and hopped and grumbled his way through the ravaged sewing room to the computer!

I had to think a little bit to remember how I ended up NOT doing the garage and doing my sewing area. And I remembered… two things! 1. the fact that I brought in new fabric that had been stored in the garage to the sewing room, which meant I needed to make room for it…. and 2. This picture of Ellen’s, from The Long Thread, sewing room!


I saw this picture the other day and I had one of those Aha moments! Hello, fabric stores have their fabric stored vertically all over the place. I don’t know the real reason, but I’m assuming that it’s because it’s easier to get the fabric out and put the fabric back…. Don’t ya think? When ever I go to get fabric off my shelves, it never goes back the same way and half the time it ends up on the floor for a while…

And then taking a break and snooping around the internet, I found these other inspiring spaces as well!

via girl. inspired. 

via Craftaholics Anonymous

via The Cottage Home 

Fresh Squeezed Fabric via  SouleMama

After such wonderful inspiration, My storage is going from this….

to this….

The Long Thread just chip board to hold her fabric up. I didn’t have any chip board so I was scavenging around the house looking for cardboard or anything else thicker than paper! I had a piece of really big cardboard in the garage, a little box that needed to be recycled and I even took the plastic back off of one of my Ikea shelves and cut that up! It’s taking longer than planned, but I’m loving it so far!!!

I’ll give an update once it’s all done!

How do you store your fabric??

And the Winner is plus a Purse Link Love!

WOW! I think I pulled a blogging faux paux… I was supposed to announce the winner of hte giveaway yesterday, but… I was totally in party planning/decorating mode and I’m not sure what happened to last week. Totally obsessed! Last night, or should I say this morning about 3 AM I realized that I totally spaced the giveaway! So with my apologies and without further ado….

It’s that time again…  Time for a drum roll…

And the winner of the da-atis giveaway is…..

Pally Jane!

I’ll be contacting you soon to see which one you would love best! Thanks for playing!

And for the link love… I need a new purse… But I want something different than the ones I usually make… So what’s it going to be? No idea. But here are a few of my favorites!

1. I love this bag by Made By Hank. I think it’s the piping!

2. This is a perfect rendition of the Tiered Bag from the book 1, 2, 3 Sew. This version is by the author, Ellen, from The Long Thread.

3. This is the size I’m thinking I need, by Warehouse Fabric.

4. I’m not sure this one from Amy Butler, via Sew Mama Sew,  will work for me right now, but I love it just the same.

5. I love the pleats. This bag tutorial by Made by Rae is adorable. I love this one and want to make a bigger version of it!

6. And this one by Kate Spade is adorable.

Feel free to share your favorite tutorials!

Sew Ready to Play with No Big Dill

Welcome to the first day of the Sew Ready to Play series!!! Let’s send out a warm welcome to Katy from No Big Dill!
Katy’s work is just beautiful! I first found her when she was hosting her own series, Once Upon a Thread. The series consisted of a huge group of extremely talented bloggers making projects inspired by children’s books. I loved all the projects I saw. then was day I was sitting around thinking about her series and I had one of those light bulb moments. Play. Sew. Games. Sew Ready to Play. So I emailed Katy right away and asked two questions… Would she mind if I did a series inspired by her series? would she play along? And then she said yes! and yes! I can’t tell you how honored I am to have her here at I’m Feelin’ Crafty. And I think you are going to agree with me about how perfect her project is!
Welcome Katy!
Hello, I’m Feelin’ Crafty Readers! When Louise pitched this idea to me I knew exactly what I wanted to make. I’m the daughter of an ex-arcade game distributor, so I spent a lot of time in our garage playing the arcade games that would rotate through and Ms. Pacman was always one of my favorites. I like to keep clothes I make classy, but with a splash of fun so my girls still enjoy wearing them. Here’s a little how-to on what I did for the hand embroidery that can be easily translated to other designs.

You will need:
embroidery hoop
embroidery floss
tear-away stabilizer
washable fabric pencil/marker

Begin by placing the stabilizer on the wrong side of the fabric and put the embroidery hoop on. With the fabric pencil/marker, draw your design.

I used all the strands of thread with the embroidery floss because I wanted the embroidery to really stand out. Do a running stitch around the perimeter, outlining each design.

Next you do a simple satin stitch by going from one side of the design to the other, keeping your stitches very close so you can’t see the fabric through each one. Repeat with other design.

I added buttons for the remaining “story” of my embroidery (eyes, bow, dots).
Other details I added to draw from the Ms. Pacman theme:
Really, the details are my favorite part of sewing, especially when I’m working with a theme.

Thanks, Louise, for having me over!!

1, 2, 3 Sew Came!

I heart blogs and giveaways and the mail man!

The other day I was lucky enough to win my first ever blog giveaway! Yea!! I won a copy of Ellen Luckett Baker’s new book, 1 2 3 Sew! Ellen not only has this cool book out, but she’s also the blogger behind the great blog The Long Thread. I’m not sure on how many blogs on the Book Blog Tour that I signed up to win a copy. But none of that matters now, because I won it! (Can you tell I’m excited??)  

And imagine my surprise when I got home from camping and there were three packages on the front porch! A present for my son, some really cool fabric I ordered and my new BOOK!!!

The book is based on a totally original idea. Each chapter has three similar projects, but each one gets more complicated as you move through them and they each build on what you learned in the previous project.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite projects. The one that first drew me in was the fabric storage boxes. I’ve always wanted to make these!

And remember the other day when I tried the french seams and the blind hems? Well, Ellen has inspired me to try something else new. The pintuck! She has a great project for a pintuck clutch. Can’t wait to try it out…

And the last sneak peek I want to share is the Craft caddy. I’m excited to follow her directions on how she does the caddy with the dividers inside.

Although I do feel that it’s a great book for beginners, there are tons of great inspiration for all levels of sewers!

Check out more about the book at The Long Thread!

What project would you try first??

Friday Inspiration

Today is the last day of our week with Katie Moon, oohmoon…  Sad, yes, I know…  Don’t fret… I’ll be making more crafts with her art, for sure!

But today we decided to share her inspiration! I asked her what and who inspires you. The answers I received are pretty cool!! Check it out:


There are artists out there that are SOO much more talented and developed that I am. They inspire me. And they also mentor me visually (though they themselves don’t know it). Two current artists whom I love, have been watching for years, and greatly admire everything they do are:
1. Kirsten Ulve who has merchandise available at cafepress.
2. Shag who has merchandise available on his website .
3. I’m a fan of Laurie Rosenwald’s work too. I love how she gets elbow deep in her work
4. And then there’s fashion. It doesn’t directly inspire my illustration, though everything around me influences it in one way or another. My favorite designer whose every item I want to buy is Kenneth Cole. I love how tailored, yet sophisticated and stylish his work is.
5. And an Amy Butler fan, too. My favorite line of hers ever was her Midwest Modern line.
I have to say I’m an avid watcher of:
I’m an Angela Adams fan.
I also keep an eye on MoMA’s store (Museum of Modern Art):
Oh! And I love etsy! Who doesn’t! I find do-it-yourself projects all the time on there to tackle for myself! Of course I’ve also made several purchases from there as well!
Well, Thank you Katie for all your hard work work getting all my questions answered. I know I’ve had a great time getting to know you better!
Stay tuned for the giveaway winner!

2 Things I’m Obsessing About

I should be studying, but I’m obsessing about these two things instead….

First, this adorable ruffle dress tutorial by She Wears Flowers!

I saw this today or yesterday and can’t get it out of my head. I added it to my To Do List, but I just keep thinking about how cute it is. I’m supposed to be making two pillowcase dresses from these amazing pillowcases a good friend sent to me. The hem is a crocheted lacy piece. I’m wondering if the ruffle top would be too much, or if I could add the ruffle top…. hmmmm… I’ll have to get out the pillowcases and see….. (after my exam.)

Secondly, I want one of these Wood Frame Tents…..

1. Sunset magazine 2. image of PawsUp Resort via Sunset  3. image of El Capitan Canyon via Sunset 4. Sweetwater Bungalows

I saw the cover of Sunset magazine today and threw the magazine on my pile of groceries! We have a little campsite with a little trailer, but how cool would this wood frame platform tent be with a nice bed… ahhhh…. But of course, I don’t want to buy it, I want to make one. Big project for the summer, huh?? Can I do it??

I think the dress will be a bit more feasible than the tent… Has anyone else ever made a tent?

A Bit of Easter Sewing- Link Love

It seems like this holiday brings out the sewing in quite a few crafty people! Here are some of my favorite things I’ve seen online….

1. I’ve been seeing more bunnies this Easter, but how cute is this adorable little bird from Moo said the Mama.

2. How funny are these EggIE’s from Fiona Carter. They totally made me laugh out loud and anything makes you laugh out loud is a good thing!

3. I love the easter bunny easter basket from disdressed!  I was just thinking about a party I’m helping with, the theme is owls. You could take this Easter bunny basket idea and make it any animal!

4. I’ve seen this project done a few times around the blogosphere. These bunny pillows from Wolf and Willow are a great seasonal addition or even an all year pillow!

5. These cashmere bunnies from Betz White are super cute and just imagine how soft they are too!

6. I just found the Aesthetic Nest blog not long ago and am just blown away by the beautiful clothing she makes for her girls. I’m so inspired by her piping details that I’m going to have to ask my Aunt to teach me the tricks. I know how, but mine would not turn out anything like the piping on this exquisite easter dress! I’ve also been thinking of where to use this detail in boys clothing since there are no little girls in my house….