A Birthday Cape and Hat, or maybe an Easter Cape and Hat!

I have been in love with this Audrey cape and birdcage hat from Simple Simon and Company for a long time now! Have you seen this one?

The pattern and tutorial are so simple! It’s so easy to make that I want to keep making more!

The little one that I made it for has a favorite color and it’s pink, so I decided to line the cape with pink lining. I also had a hard time deciding on a button. I had three options, the one I used, a big flat one and the idea of covering the button with the wool cape fabric. I finally, obviously, decided to go with the one I used.

And the button-hole…. Man! My machine doesn’t do the buttonholes. Wierd, I know. It’s supposed to and I’ve known it’s been not working for years, but I’ve avoided buttons until this project! So it took me about as long to get the buttonhole right as it did to make the whole cape….

see…..  ergh! I’ve got to get that fixed!

And the little birdcage hat! Adorable! The tutorial for this one is great as well! I wasn’t exactly sure about the size and I got a cork hot plate thingy at Ikea and knew it was too big. Then I went to the dollar store, just like ladies at Simple Simon suggest, and there it was. The hot plate thingy they suggest. The perfect size!

The one thing that I did do differently than the tutorial was add the round piece of wool to the underside of the hat to cover up the folded over pieces.

We gave it to her at her birthday party and when it came out of the bag, all the little girl hands reached for it from different directions to try to see what all the feathers were! My eyes probably bulged out of my head as I leapt across to pull it out of those cute little hands! It wasn’t as well received as some of the Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie dolls, but I know it will be well-loved when the dress up days come along!


The cape on the birthday girl as we’re waiting on a play to start!

Has anyone else tried these patterns and tutorials? If you have a little girl to sew for, I totally recommend these tutorials. Just great!

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