Creepy Crawly Yarn Wreath

Yes, Yes, another yarn wreath! I do love them! I’ve made a few in the past year or so, but these were football themed wreaths! Go Bama! RTR! And they were both gifts… This one is for us!

And a quick tutorial…

As I mentioned before, the original tutorial that I used to get started was here at Take Heart.

1. Materials:

White yarn, the cheap stuff. No need for the fancy yarns!

The straw wreath. And I leave the plastic wrap on.


and Scissors

2. Start the wreath by tying off the yarn.

3. And then you go around and around and around and around and around and ….. Ok, you get the point! It’s actually kind of a workout for the arms going around and around and…. But here’s where the tutorial deviates from the original tutorial. Do the around and around for a few inches and then start over in another section across from the first section. Then go a few inches and switch sides again! The problem with this is that you get the web going , your big ball of yarn won’t fit through the center anymore. At this point I started cutting shorter lengths of yarn are just knotted the pieces together as needed. The knot just gets covered up by yarn as it wraps around and around and around and…. Once you get to the end, leave a longer piece of yarn to tie your spider on.

4. Knot all the pieces in the middle together.

5. start in the center and move around the inside pieces knotting the web yarn as you go. I spaced mine about an inch apart from one another.

6. Wahla!

This weekend we’re going to get the rest of the decorations up! I’ll show more of our holiday decor next week. My son is itchin’ to get in the boxes of decorations! Have you decorated yet???

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