Sunshine Awards!

I got a very sweet email today from Abby who writes her blog Things For Boys. Abby nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Just a little spot of sunshine!  The Sunshine Award is given from bloggers to bloggers. It is for someone “who positively and creatively inspires others in the blogosphere.”

Thank you Abby for a little ray of sunshine in my day! Abby’s blog has all sorts of fun things, especially for boys! I have to say I love her little polar bear bath puppet. My son was loving his towel with ‘paws’ in it tonight. And this project just inspired me to make a polar bear and other to get him, not only excited about bath time (’cause he already loves that), but excited about bathing himself. I can’t wait to try it out!

Here’s how the award works: First, always remember to say thank you to the person who gave you the award and link back to them. Next, answer the following questions about yourself. Then, choose up to 10 of your favorite bloggers and link their blogs to your post.  Be sure to let them know that you are nominating them for the award. Last, be sure to copy and paste the award to your blog!

The questions:

1.  Favorite color- Lately I’ve been leaning way over to the yellows and oranges

2.  Favorite animal – Dogs! I love cats, too, but I’m allergic and kinda mad at our neighborhood cats for thinking our yard is a nice litter box. So dogs it is. My son is so excited because Daddy told him he can have one for his birthday!! How cute is our late pup?? ahhh….

3.  Favorite number – I don’t actually have a favorite number, but I also lean towards odd ones!
4.  Favorite Drink – I have a huge addiction to Coca-Cola! shhhh…. I try to break it every now and then, but somehow it always creeps back into my fridge.
5.  Facebook or Twitter – FB. I don’t tweet and don’t even understand tweeting… So FB it is!

6.  Good book or good movie – Books. I love books. But lately I’ve been staying up too late being crafty and sewing so barely get a few pages in each night! We’ve been seeing more movies lately, too. My son and I love to go see movies and started a Friday Movie Date Day, but there hasn’t been much for him to see lately, so I’ve been going with Dad! Here’s my son and I waiting for the Lorax in 3D! We forgot our Lorax masks, though…

8.  Giving or getting gifts – I love giving gifts! I love finding just the right thing. And I love making gifts! But I can’t say I don’t like getting a few, too! 🙂

7.  My passion – I love making things! Obviously. That’s why I blog!

9.  Favorite day– Lately it’s been Friday! For a while, it was my movie date day with my son, but now my husband has been able to be off on Fridays too. We can do things without the crowds of the weekends!10.  Favorite flower- Hibiscus. But it doesn’t grow well here in Seattle!

And my 10 Nominations:

1. The Southern Institute– Jenny and I have become friends over the last year or so and I’ve loved getting to know her and seeing all her fun craft projects for her kiddos!

2. Elsie Marley– Meg’s blog is a pretty famous one, with the whole Kids Clothes Week Challenge! I absolutely love the KCWC! I’m a bit competitive and love a challenge. And she’s also got some great projects. Her latest one that’s my new favorite are her little seaside and mountainside pillows.

3. Sewing in No Man’s Land– I’m a relatively new follower of her blog, but I love it! Not only are her projects beautiful, but so is her photography!

4. Stitched in Color is a great quilting blog. I love Rachel’s quilting style and projects!

5. Shwin & Shwin. These ladies amaze me with the amount of clothes they make. It’s mostly adorable little girls clothes, but when they do boys clothes it’s just too cute!

6. Sugar and Charm is such a beautiful entertaining blog! Love it!

7. Modern Parents Messy Kids always has fun things to do with the kiddos!

8. Aesthetic Nest– If you haven’t seen this blog, you have to check it out. Anneliese’s sewing projects are out of this world! She does beautiful work!

9. Cirque du BeBe is one of my new favorites. I’ve seen her around for a while now, but got reunited with her blog during KCWC this year.

and last but not least,

10. Skirt as Top! I love her style and her writing is always fun!

Thanks again Abby!