Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! And if your not in the US, well, I hope you have an extra wonderful day with your family. Let’s all take a moment to say thanks for everything that is special to us!

My son and I have been talking about the fact that not everyone has a lot of the things that we’re so lucky to have, like a roof over our heads at night and heat and a loving family. I’m thankful for this holiday to help me slow down and really think about all these things! Life can get so hectic that we forget how lucky we are sometimes!

I should design a new ‘I’m thankful For ‘printable, but I just love this one from a couple of years back….

Have a great weekend! And I’ll see ya soon! Thank you so much for reading! I’m very thankful for my blog and the inspiration yall give me to keep going!

Thank you,



I’m Thankful For….. free printables…

Well, I do love printables, but what I’m really thankful for is…

Family, my husband, my adorable adorable little son, friends, health, our home, our creativity, (for the moment) my unemployed status, blogging, friends I’ve made blogging… And I could go on…

I wanted to start a new tradition this Thanksgiving with I’m Thankful For cards for each family member to write what they are thankful for right now.  So I made the cards and was just getting ready to share them with you! And speaking of friends I’ve made through this whole blogging thing, right when I was working on my cards, I get an email from Lisa from My Little Buffalo with the most adorable turkey thank you note. If you remember, Lisa helped me with my blog’s graphics earlier this year. I love her art!! I totally switched gears and she agreed to contribute her art to my card and my readers! So I replaced her turkey with the one I had done (which wasn’t nearly as cute by any means) and changed the color scheme to go with her art….

And Wahla!

Click here to download yours!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for this year?


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Thanksgiving Link Love

Well, I know this may come as a shock…. No more Dr Seuss at I’m Feelin’ Crafty for a little bit…. Hope yall enjoyed our birthday celebrations as much as we did!

I know… I usually reserve Friday for my link love day, but I thought I’d mix things up a bit this week. I’m not a big Thanksgiving decorator. I have just left out some pumpkins from our Halloween decorations this year! Yes, very extravagant on my part!! But if I was to decorate, here are some of my favorite ideas….

1. You all know I love Katie’s Oohmoon blog and her daily freebie artworks! I’ve used her art on a few projects including my advent calendar, gift tags and sweatshirt and wooden block puzzles. This week is celebrating Thanksgiving. So go check it out every day this week for your own Thanksgiving series.

2. I do love the pumpkin decorations for Thanksgiving. And I love these Squash Softies from Oh, How Posh. We haven’t tried them, but I’m thinking this might be fun to make with my son on thanksgiving to take to his Uncle’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. My son LOVES his ‘stuffies’, so I think he’d have a great time making these!

3. And most of you probably know I’m a sucker for the Keep Calm printables. Here’s a Thanksgiving one from Craftily Ever After.

4. I just found these recipe art pieces from Articipes this morning and LOVE them! I want to make a whole wall in my kitchen with my recipes all cute like this! If only I had a blank wall in my kitchen!

5. So you already know I love the pumpkins. You probably also know I love the yarn based on all the yarn wreaths I’ve made. So how could I not love these Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins from Two Shades of Pink???

6. And this is such a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting! The whole table is just fantastic, but I love love love the wooden placemats! The table was designed by Paper Posy Designs and shown via The Sweetest Occasion. You have to check out the rest of the table! ‘m already planning a trip to the second use building supply to look for some lovely wood….