Finish Along Quarter 2 2017 Goals!

I don’t know how it happened, but I only got one on my list from last quarter done… ergh…  Here we go again! And again, most will look familiar…


This one is ready to go and the quilting has already started, but I got frustrated with it and now it’s sitting there again!


This is an old one that has been sitting on the shelf for about 3 years. Sitting there with a front and back done! So it just needs a little quilting love… It’s basted. It’s getting so close… Like right next to my machine!


I’ve picked this one up again and hope to finish it ASAP for the whole gift giving thing!  This one uses the quick curve ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful!


This one is also almost done! Ready to be quilted TONIGHT! Using my own Inside Out Pineapple block…..


This little secret guy needs to be done this quarter! Loving the colors!


And here’s a sneak peek at the next Nurture Circle do Good quilt. I’m going to try to make a good impression this go around and actually finish my quilt in the allotted time frame! Fingers crossed!


And there’s this one I’d like to finish from a year ago….

The last three I want to keep working on, or start, but I doubt I’ll finish them!


My Seattle Modern Quilt Guild BOM quilt ….


I want to start and finish my Christmas quilt and I want to have it done for next year and at the rate I’m going, it won’t be done, unless I do it now!


I’m STILL working on the Technicolor Galaxy Quilt!

Ok, this list is insane long… AGAIN…. But I want to get these DONE!!!!!!!! And some are almost done! I won’t finish them all, of course, but I’m hoping to make a good dent in the pile!



Marci Girl Designs

Celebrate the Boy 2011!

I’m really excited!!! I found this last year summer online, but missed it as it was going on in full swing. I was really hoping that I would remember it this year and I did!!

Celebrate the boy is a month long blog a thon by the ladies at Made By Rae and MADE about all things boys!!

It’s true, our little boy kiddos get the shaft when it comes to cool clothing options. You see it everywhere… Stores, the girls section is HUGE, the boys section…. little. Pattern books, everything girl. Boys patterns, well… not so much! This isn’t just about clothes, but I”m excited to see what everyone shares….

I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from last year. All of which our on my to do list on the side, but I’ll show you with pictures…


1. Mens Shirt to Boys Shirt from Made by Rae. I’ve been stockpiling shirts out of Dad’s ‘Goodwill’ piles for this project!

2. 90 Minute Shirt from MADE. Very cute. I think the 90 minute thing intimidates me though…. My son has a big head (Dad and son share hats… Need I say more….) so I love this shirt style. And it’s just adorable no matter what size head your child has!!!

3. The Slim Slacks for Boys from This Mama Makes Stuff. The girls get the skinny jeans, why can’t the boys have the slim slacks??? My buddy is still a bit on the short side, so I don’t know how they’d look on him, but I really want to try it out!

And I have contributed a few oldie’s to the pool, but I have a few new projects in the works…

What is your favorite thing to make the boys in your life???

A Busy Week

I don’t have anything crafty to show from my week… I have been busy though… Photographing some pieces to restart my etsy shop, which hasn’t been used in about 4 years now… Working on my patchwork tree for Quilt #3. The tree is almost done, can’t wait to applique it down! And I was constantly planning my Friday trip to the fabric/craft store!!!

Oh, and my submission to Oh, My! Handmade Holidays Gift Basket Giveaway was accepted!! I can’t wait to see all the other goodies. I’ll keep you posted on more details…

I put together a few of the things that inspired me this week.

1. I loved the hanging baskets from The Mother Huddle! I’ve always thought about making my own, but never have. We’re about to turn a room in our house into a playroom and there is a wall that can’t have furniture on it becuase of a heater. But hanging these storage baskets is the perfects solution! I never would have thought to hang them. I’m sure to make them now!

2. The girl on a swing from Raggedly Owl is just adorable… So inspired to make more sewn art!

3. The faux bois sheets from Boodalee, totally cool. I have been debating on the back side design for Quilt #3. A new friend from the quilting quild suggested using a faux bois fabric. I had looked for this fabric before but I guess the fad is fading, becuase it’s not all that easy to find. And it’s expensive, what I did find… So I thought, I’ll stamp my own. Now I want to stamp in orange! I think it will be really cool!

4. And lastly, this is touching. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I saw it. 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge So far the counter is only at 198,071. I’m going to help that number rise closer to 1 Million. Will you?