Ghosties with Heart

I have been making these stuffie dolls that I call Ghosties for, what, maybe 5 years now??? It’s been a while! I haven’t made any in a while until the other day when my friend asked for one. After that one, I remembered how fun they are to make! And with this whole Valentine’s day inspiration crafty thing going on at my house, I got inspired to whip up a batch of more of them. More of them, with a Valentine’s Day twist!

Welcome Valentine’s Day Ghosties!!

Like I said they have always been fun for me to make. I love seeing their little faces and ears once I pull them through! They all start with the same pattern, but they all end up looking a little bit different. It’s like they have their own little personality.

Like this guy, doesn’t he look like a little puppy wanting to follow you home??

I closed my shop a little while back, but am thinking about reopening! I took most of these Ghosties and an assortment of other pieces I’ve made to one of my shops today. So if you’re local and need a ‘Ghostie with a Heart’ swing by Twilight Artist Collective and pick one up.

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