KCWC- Day 4

Oops! Somehow I got behind schedule!! hmmmm….

So today. More pants!

I’m not feeling very creative lately…. I also have two shelves of clothing that I’ve pulled from the Go-To-Goodwill bags to reuse. So since I’m having this creative block, I’m going to use my stash of clothing to reuse…

This is only part of it….

And today I started with these jeans…

To make these….

Using the same comfy pants pattern that I’ve been using this week. Only this time I added a fake fly to the pattern. They fit and he likes them, but I’m not so sure I do. OK, I do like them, but feel like they look a little too homemade. And not in the cute adorable way. There are a few out of line stitches and the back pockets are crooked… My main regret is that I switched from the thick yellow thread, to a bright green thread and you can’t really see the stitching and I wanted to see the stitching.

Typically in past I’ve always used Dana’s pants pattern, which I love. But it’s four pieces instead of the two in my comfy pants tutorial. And since it’s the four pieces, I can’t use it when I reuse some of Momma or Daddy’s old pants. The pattern just doesn’t quite fit. And I wanted to try to use my pattern on the jeans I had to get that ‘real’ jeans side and hem look. It worked pretty well this way!

This project isn’t like the little jacket that I did, that I can’t stand. It doesn’t make my stomach turn. These are cute and will get worn. So all in all, a productive day. Just not a super exciting one! 🙂 At least not in the sewing room. How can a day with this kid not be exciting. Today he was not wanting to model for me. But once he got there, he started putting it on. He even said, ‘Check out this pose!’