The ReFashion Project- Project Run and Play Week 3

oh, my… I can’t believe it’s Thursday and I am just getting this posted…


If you follow along with everything I do, I reuse or recycle or whatever you want to call it all the time! I love it! So this week’s Project Run and Play challenge was one I didn’t think would be a challenge. I was wrong. I came up with what I wanted to make first. Maybe I should have found the materials first….


The coat was the only piece I bought. I mean the original coat, that is. It started as a woman’s coat that I found in the Men’s department at our Goodwill! I was going for more of a solid wool coat, but the kiddo and I went shopping and found a handful, or armful, of coats on half price that we liked. So we brought them all home to see which one we liked best. And this is the one the kiddo picked!


For the coat I self drafted the pattern based on other coats and based on the pieces of the coat I wanted to reuse. Some pieces were upside down cuts where others were little pieces from here or there! Once I was putting it all together, there was part of me cursing the fact that I could have just bought a stinkin’ coat for him for a lot less time and energy! But in the end I’m happy with what I accomplished! I love the little elbow patches! The lining is the only piece that’s not a recycled fabric.


The pockets were originally smaller and all three were the corduroy and smaller. I liked it. Then I didn’t. Neither did my husband. (do you see a recurring theme with my husband and I and my pockets??? remember the fox coat pockets?) So off they came. I enlarged them and changed them. I have to give credit to the husband for some help with the pockets this time.


And then the sweater.. I know the picture is a bit blurry, but I loved it anyway…. So I bought the coat, but the rest of the pieces I wanted to come from my stash. Whenever my husband and I clean out our closet, I always pull a few things and add then to my recycle stash. I love the orange! (my apologies on the color scheme to any Bama fans that might be reading…)


The sweater was also self drafted. Just a simple copying of another sweater that fits! Easy Peasy!


And the tee. I knew the look I wanted was to have a collared tee with the sweater and coat. And again I had to corrdinate from my stash. Well, I didn’t HAVE to… But I wanted to… And yes, I know, the tee on it’s own, doesn’t go great with the pants…  just ignore that. The pants are from the fox outfit and I loved them with the coat and sweater…


The tee is the great old standby, The Flashback Tee once again! But I added the collar and the open front. And then the blue shirt that I wanted to use was too short, so I added the grey to the bottom!



The before and afters! I almost forgot! The coat and the corduroy. The corduroy wasn’t something else before, but I did purchase it second hand… The big sweater to little sweater. And the navy tank top, grey t-shirt (not pictured) and the men’s shirt turned t-shirt!


I don’t know. Not my best work, I don’t think… But I like it! Thoughts? I have no idea why that one collar corner keeps popping up! Ha! And since it’s also Kids Clothes Week, can this count as three outfits?


Where are we off to next? Want to come along?

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KCWC- Day 5- Upcycled Sweatshirt

ok, I’m so excited again! So, you know the other day I made my own pattern for the comfy pants, right? Well, I’ve always been scared to make my own shirt pattern. But I did it anyway last night.

I traced a bigg-ish t-shirt. Then added the seam allowances… And I cut the fabric and pinned on the sleeves and it fit together perfectly!!! I was soooo excited!

I started with an old sweatshirt of my husband’s. The one on top there. It’s a little nubby and has a little paint stain, but I love the tree and birds so much that I couldn’t let it go! And these sweatpants. Ya know what else makes me super excited? Ok, this might be kinda silly to some people, but…. When I have a spur of the moment idea and I just happen to have everything on hand to make it work! Like this sweatshirt. I really love the image on it, but I didn’t want a full on black sweatshirt. So I looked at the hidden shelf under my ironing board where I have some of my ‘to-up-cycle’ stash and there they were! The sweatpants that I think match perfectly! YEAH!!!

I cut the the shirt and the hoodie out of the middle of the old sweatshirt. Luckily my son has a big head! Always has. His daycare teacher told us that in her country big heads are a sign of brilliance. So not only is he brilliant, but his head doesn’t look too out-of-place in an adult size hoodie! I cut the arms out of the legs of the sweatpants, so I didn’t need to hem the arms. Sewed those three pieces together. Then I trimmed out the ribbing at the bottom of the sweatshirt and sewed that onto the bottom of my new little sweatshirt.

And Wah-la! A cute little hoodie!! Once I got it all sewed together I was worried that the arms ended up too small, so I took a break and waited til morning to try it on the kiddo. IT FIT!! I’m so excited about it.

I think next time, I will make the arms a little bit roomier. But for this one, it fits perfectly! This was so easy, I’ll have to do a quick tutorial for you soon. SOOOO EASY!

And what about you? Have you made anything this week that you’re super excited about???

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Color Your Valentine’s Day Out of This World!

Have you noticed that Valentine’s day is coming??? If you’ve read any other crafty or sewing blog, you’ve probably figured it out by now… The Valentine’s Day posts are in full force! I love a good reason to be seasonally crafting, so here I go… I’m jumping in and sharing my Valentine’s Day crafts and sewing projects this week.

To kick off the week, I thought I’d do a little repost…. This year my son’s school doesn’t share Valentine’s, so I thought I’d re-share the ones we did last year. We?? Um, oh yeah, actually that was me! But he did have fun with the finished project!

I made recycled heart crayons, printable cards and printable envelopes for the crayons.

Jump on over here for the tutorial for the crayons!

The envelope you ask??? You can print it by clicking here. And not quite sure how to put it together? It’s pretty simple, but click here for the mini tutorial!

Oh, and if you like the envelope images, check out the cute little coordinating cards! You can print these by clicking here!

Check back each day this week for more Valentine’s Inspiration! What are you making this year? Do you even do Valentine’s day?

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The Pillowcase Dresses are Done! Check!

Yep, that’s right. Finally! My poor friend sent them to me ages ago! But I kept thinking that they need something special. Not just turn over the top, add a ribbon and be done. Nope, these pillowcases are beautiful and they deserved more than that!

My friend (my mother’s friend first) saw a pillowcase style dress, it was actually a table runner turned dress dress, I had done before and remembered some beautiful hand crocheted pillowcases that she had and asked if I would make them in to dresses for her grand daughters. Of course I said yes. But little did she know how long it would take me….

Well, I had an idea. Put a nice big ruffle collar. But then, wouldn’t that take away from the crochet?? Yes…. So what to do??? I thought about it and thought about it…. Until the other day Aesthetic Nest posted this beautiful 2 layer pillowcase dress she had made.

When I saw that, I knew that was exactly why I had put off making the dresses. I was waiting for this inspiration. This idea was exactly what the crocheted pillowcases needed!

So I got to sewing!

I’m not going to do a full tutorial, but I will narrate you through my process.

The materials I gathered were the pillowcases, 1.5 yards of each color fabric for the inside layers, thread, scissors and the machine! I started by making the inside layers. Basically I just made two ‘tubes’ of fabric the same width as the pillowcases with one end hemmed. Here’s where I tried out my new loves, the french seam and blind hem.  Ahhhh….  And for the length, that’s up to you.

I was a bit worried about the size, since these are for a 3T and 5T and I’ve never made dresses for those sizes before. But luckily for me my friend sent me a nice big full size drawing of each of the girls! They laid down and my friend traced them and then both of the girls told her how long they wanted their dresses to be. Too cute!

Back to the process… Then I cut the armholes. I laid out the two pieces of fabric, folded them over and on top of each other. One cut, four armholes!

Here’s where I went out on a limb and had to figure it for myself… At this point you turn both the inside layer and the pillowcase inside out. Then insert the inside layer inside the pillowcase.

Next sew a straight stitch across the top, down around an arm, across the back top, down around the other arm and back to the starting point. Turn them right side out and get the inside layer inside the pillowcase! Topstitch the arms. Turn the tops over 1.5 inches, stitch it down.

Next I went back to the fabric store, because I had only gotten 1 yard of fabric, but I needed more for the ribbon. Or you could just use ribbon… Hopefully you can skip the back to the fabric store step! I used Aesthetic Nest’s suggestions on the fabric ribbon and went with 6″ by about 60 to 70″ or so. I folded the fabric in half, cut the ends at an angle, sewed it together with a hole to pull it through, turned it right side out, ironed it flat and Wah La, a nice big ribbon for a bow.

The girls are in Texas. The dresses are in the mail. And I can’t wait to see the girls in the dresses!

Hope they fit just right….
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French Seams and Blind Hems

So, you know I rarely post on Tuesdays. So since I am, I must be excited about something! And boy am I! French seams and blind hems… ahhh, yes, the little things in life.

So this weekend I finally started working on a couple of pillowcase dresses that I haven’t been doing that needed to be done… More on the pillowcase dresses tomorrow… So I’m reading this tutorial about pillowcase dresses at Aesthetic Nest and she says to use a french seam. I’m thinking to myself, ‘why?, skip this step. what else does she say??’ errrrrrr…. Wait a minute, back it up, let’s just check it out. Then I remembered that my pal Jenny at The Southern Institute had a tutorial on french seams too…

I’m in love…. (hear the birds tweeting and the sweet sound of surf and imagine a very skinny me twirling around with butterflies)… ahhhh…..

It’s so simple! Why had I been ignoring these all this time? Typically the outside of my seams have looked fine. but the inside has always left something to be desired. I don’t have a serger (and at this point don’t want one, but one day I’ll probably post a post very similar to this one about why didn’t I get one of these sooner??) and I rarely go back and stitch the seams. I like my pinking shears….

But now look at how beautifully finished the seam is!

All it is is a straight stitch with wrong sides together, trim the seam, fold the fabric over and stitch again. There’s more detailed directions in the tutorials I mentioned above, but still, that’s it!

And the blind hem… Ummmm… again, where have I been??? Back to the tutorial on the pillow case dress, she recommends a blind stitch. Again, I’m like, um, whatever, a plain hem is fine… Then I start looking and realize that with the detail I already have going on, the regular hem would take away from the beautiful edge of the pillowcase. Then came the aha moment. I jumped up, broke out the handy dandy users manual to my sewing machine and had a blind hem done in no time!

It’s just like a folding a regular hem, but with one extra fold and a change in the sewing machine foot… I ironed down the 2″ bottom hemmed, folded it over (into the hem) 1″, ironed that down, then rolled the fabric back about 1/4″ from the top. It didn’t even need pinning! (if you remember, I try to avoid that pinning step as often as possible!) Then adjusted the machine per the instructions. Lined up the fabric and stepped on the gas! And Wah La…

How awesome does this look? And how bad would it have looked with a straight stitch hem??

OMGoodness! I was so excited I had to show my husband (who wasn’t nearly as excited, surprise, surprise) and I took it to a friend’s house for dinner to show it off. She was much more excited for me than my husband! 🙂

I do love it when I try something new and it turns out almost perfect the first time. That totally added to the excitement! Not even a thought about that mean ‘ole seam ripper!

I can’t wait to show you the finished dresses! They are going to be beautiful!!

Owl Party Tutorial One- The Adorable Vases!

First thing’s first… I didn’t come up with this one! This one was all my friend’s idea…

These made great little vases. If I hadn’t seen them before the flowers went in, I never would have known that they were recycled tin cans!

1. Materials:

Empty tin can


Cupcake toppers printed on full size sticky back paper

Scissors and/or Exacto Knife

Tape- I used scotch tape, but you might want to use packing tape

Double sided tape

Ideally, use a circle punch! But somehow I have lost mine. (yes, that big ‘ole thing… I lost it…)

Straight Edge

Cutting Board

and Flowers, of course!

2. Cut the cardstock the same height as your tin can.

3. Tape one end of the cardstock to the tin can.

4. Add double-sided tape to other end of cardstock and secure it in place.

5. Cut or punch out the cupcake toppers.

6. Stick the cupcake topper on. And you’re done!

This week, I’m back to my three day posting schedule with two more simple tutorials for you to have your own owl party! Stay tuned for the owl favors on Wednesday!



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Upcycled Planter with Tutorial, Guest Post by Jenny from SIDAC

Have you visited the really cool blog Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts??? I forget exactly how I stumbled upon it, but I subscribed my first visit. I’ve mentioned her blog before because this is where I found the wonderfully easy and cool no sew cape!  (We brought the one I made for my son on vacation with us. His request!) I mentioned on Monday that Jenny was going to join me for another tutorial on what you can do with a Charlie’s Soap Canister! Without further ado, Please Welcome Jenny to I’m Feelin’ Crafty and don’t forget to check out all the other cool things she’s up to on her blog!

Welcome Jenny!!!

Hi there everyone!  I’m so excited to be here today.  I’m Feelin’ Crafty is such a wonderful blog!  Louise has created such a beautiful and inspiring place to visit.  I just love it!

A while back, Louise and I had exchanged a couple of blog comments about Charlie’s Soap packages.  I had repurposed some of their old laundry soap bags as snack bags for my kids.

Then I found out the Charlie’s had ditched the cloth bags for plastic canisters! Bummer for me and the snack bags.  Louise contacted me to see if I had an idea about what to reuse the new canisters for, so I put my brain to work and this is what I came up with…
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • a Charlie’s Soap canister, washed thoroughly
  • potting mix, I used organic
  • seeds
  • a sharp object, such as a phillips screwdrives
  • sunshine and water
I started by cleaning the canisters.  Louise was kind enough to send me a couple of hers, which I’m sure were pretty clean, but what could it hurt to wash them one more time?

Next I poked holes in the bottom of the canisters with my screwdriver.  These are for drainage.  Be careful! The plastic containers are hard and slick, and it would be easy for the screwdriver to slip off and hurt someone.

We then filled the canisters with potting soil and planted our seeds according to the directions on the package (or so we thought).

A little bit of water…
A little bit of sunshine…
We now have an indoor herb garden!
I decided to decorate the canister using fabric, paint, and Modge Podge.  It was my very first time using Modge Podge.  It was so easy!  I now have a few more ideas that I want to use it for, but that’s for another post.  I think that the fabric pretties up our little herb garden a bit, and the paint helps me to remember exactly what I’m growing there.  
I must have done something wrong though…my mint barely sprouted!  Maybe we planted the seeds too deeply.  I think that may have been the problem.  There’s one teensy tiny sprout that I don’t think I could even capture with my camera.  The cilantro is doing really well though!  When it gets too big for the Charlie’s container we’ll transplant it in our raised bed garden.
The Charlie’s Soap containers are just the perfect size for this kind of gardening, but really you could reuse just about any container of this size and shape.  Just make sure that you clean it completely before you plant something that you plan to ingest later on!
Thanks so much, Louise, for having me as your guest today!  It is an honor to be here!  And thank you all for reading along.  I’d love to have you stop by The Southern Institute any time!  We have a lot of fun things going on including the Creative Me Monday craft blog hop and lots of great guests, so come on by and say “Hello”!

Upcycled Drum with Tutorial

Well, I said the other day that I made something, just not kids clothes. Here it is… An upcycled drum!

I have been stockpiling my Charlie’s Soap canisters with the idea that they had to be good for something! But what…. I had totally given up on coming up with anything. In the meantime, my friend blogger Jenny from Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts, agreed to come up with something to do with these canisters. Check back on Wednesday to see what she came up with.

Then one night my son was drumming on something and it came to me, ‘Charlie’s Soap canisters equals cool drum’. I told my husband and he kinda shrugged it off as not being a very impressive idea. I had to go out that night, but when I came home, what did I find?? The canister had been turned into a drum! ahhhhh… (I don’t think I said I told you so!)

So here’s how I did it!


Charlie’s Soap canister

Mod Podge

Brown Tissue Paper

Sponge Paint Brush








Step 1: Cover the top of the  lid with the Mod Podge and glue on the tissue paper.

Step 2: Paint Mod Podge on sides of the lid and fold over the tissue paper. Be careful because the tissue paper wanted to tear during this step! Then set the lid aside and let dry.

Step 3: Measure the container. For the Charlie’s Soap it was 15.5 x 3.5 including my small seam allowances.

Step 4: Sew the fabric. First the edge seam allowances and then sew the ends together.

Step 5: Mark the holes to punch. I spaced mine approximately 2 inches apart. then stagger the top holes between the bottom holes. At each mark, you’ll want two holes. One for the yarn to go in and one for the yarn to come out. I used a push pin to punch the holes.

Step 6: Thread the yarn through the holes. I did enlist the use of needle nose pliers at this step to help pull the needle through the holes.

Step 7: Back to the lid. Cute off the excess tissue paper.

Step 8: Cut additional holes for the ribbon, through the fabric and canister. I used an exacto for this.

and wah-la… A really cool drum!

here’s the before and after shot…

 And the kiddo and his Marching Band of One

What would you make with a Charlie’s Soap canister?

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KCWC Day 2- Shorts

Another pair of bottoms. This time they got a thumbs up from Dad!

This was just a simple pair of soft shorts made from the pants legs of an old pair of  Daddie’s pj’s.

The new experiment with these was adding a flat front. It worked, but this pair wasn’t the best fabric for a flat front. I could have used a bit of interfacing, but I didn’t.

I might do my own tutorial on the flat front one day soon… Until then, here’s a little idea of how I did it. First I ironed over the top hem and topstitched. Next I located the flat front area and pinned.  Instead of using one piece of elastic, I used two. I sewed the ends into the flat front edges. Then I added safety pins to the unsewn ends of the elastic to help pull it through. Then I sewed down the bottom of the top elastic casing, leaving an opening at the back to pull the elastic through. Then size your elastic and close the casing.

My projects for this season of KCWC aren’t very exciting, but… They are things we need. Things are crazy getting back in the swing of things after studying and then getting everything ready for our family vacation!

What have you been working on? Any KCWC projects?

My Easter Decorating Woes….

Now, I’m sure really why the easter bunny delivers eggs. And where did the whole easter bunny thing come from anyway??

Anyway…. I feel like just throwing my hands up with my decorating for this holiday… Everything turned out halfway. In the world of the cup half full, that’s great. In the world of the cup half empty, it got frustrating. With these projects I seem to be teetering right there in the middle of the cup! 

I’ve never really decorated much for Easter, or really many holidays other than Christmas. But having a kid around makes decorating for holidays so much fun.

Project 1- I’m sure everyone’s seen these eggshell flowerpots from Martha Stewart.

The Half Full Part- We put our spin on it with dying the egg shells before we planted some cute little flowers. My son was loving dying the eggs and then planting the flowers.

The Half Empty Part- Well, most of ours turned out like this…

Project 3- Another Martha idea… Silk dyed easter Eggs.

The Half Full Part- I got a few silk ties from Goodwill and off we started on another project. It was fun, but…. Most of them turned out, but not quite as perfect as they would for Martha…. We were excited though. My son loved unwrapping them after they boiled!

The Half Empty Part- Of course my son picked his favorite to be the red tie. Which although it said silk, must not have been since those eggs didn’t get dyed. And of course, those were the ones we unwrapped first. Luckily the other ones worked and it wasn’t a complete disappointment!

Project 3- If you’ve read other posts, you probably already know I am a spray paint lovin’ kind of gal! And if you’ve read any of my other posts, you already know that I also love to upcycle and recycle anything I can. Yes, I love to buy new, too, but I really try to find things used first and make them exactly what I want.

That was a long introduction for my third Easter project I have to tell you about. Spray painted bunnies….

Here they are before.

Starting with the Half Empty Part-  And after…. From a distance they look nice, right.

Well, let’s take a closer look! Lesson Learned- When the spray paint says to sand glossy surfaces, they mean, sand glossy surfaces….

The Half Full Part- The ones that weren’t glossy turned out pretty cute!

All in all our table decoration turned out quite nice and probably a better size than I had originally planned…. I think it’s perfect despite our ups and downs of decorating.

So I’ve shared my blunders and my successes. Have you had any funny decorating mishaps that have turned out to just the right design? I’d love to hear!