Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m posting a little late today, but it’s still Valentine’s Day in my part of the world. So to those of you still in Valentine’s Day, I hope you are having a great one! And if it’s already passed for you, well, I hope you had a great one!

This Valentine’s Day I participated in a valentine’s Day crafty swap, hosted by Happy Hour Projects. My partner was Liza from Happy Lizard Hill.

I mailed off a ghostie to Liza. this little guy got all wrapped up in a little box and headed off to Ohio!

Hopefully he’ll be well received by his new family!

And then I got a cute little package in the mail myself! I opened it and there was this really cool package inside. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if that was the present! My husband and I were both thrown off a bit. But it rattled… It sounded like something was inside… So I opened it and there it was! A lovely heart necklace!

Thank you Liza!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!