Project Organization- Done!!

After 7 garbage bags of fabric donate to others, 2 car loads full to Goodwill and Wellspring and a third little load to a friend in need my Project Organization is pretty much complete! The other day I had to go by Goodwill before picking up my son from school because even his car seat was loaded down! I do still need to get back to the garage, but between now and Christmas, it’s all about Christmas!

Wah-la!!! Welcome to my ‘studio’. It’s actually the computer room, my sewing room, my husband’s craft/painting room and once granddaddy gives my son his craft table it will also be the kid’s craft space! And no, it’s not a large space… But it’s what we have. I also don’t have the luxury of daylight! Our room is a basement room and when we redid it, we opted out of adding a window. One idea we’ve regretted…. The rest of the basement is daylit, but not our crafty room…


Anyway, I’m soooo loving the vertical fabric storage! everything is folded and can be seen. I also used to have a bunch of strings hanging out. No more!!! And its color coordinated. ROY G BIV, I love you!

I had to work around the fact that the shelves are a bit different, so most fabric shelves are the same size, but there was a couple of shelves that were a little larger, so the larger fabrics went on those. Got bins for different colored scraps. One shelf is still dedicated to clothing to be reused, including an old leather coat that is slated for a kiddo vest. Fleece is all together. Yarn finally found its own home. Felt is all together.

ok, I just had to do this… A before and after! Ok, the before is actually a few hours after the project started. It didn’t look this bad before I started!

ok, tomorrow I’m off to the craft store for glitter! Christmas projects, here I come!! what projects have you been working on???