It’s Summer. It’s Hot. It’s Time for Wild Waves and Enchanted Village!

If you drive south of Seattle about a half hour, you can’t miss Wild Waves and Enchanted Village! For years I’ve said I wanted to go, but we never have in the summer. Until this summer!

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You might remember that we got to go for the Fright Fest. That was my first time, and I had no idea that there was an amusement park there too! No idea! I knew there was 1, very large, roller coaster, but no idea it had tons of fun rides. And now Wild Waves Theme Park has officially changed its name and brand identity to Wild Waves and Enchanted Village, to more accurately reflect the park’s expansive amusement rides and water-based activities. I guess they realized that there were more people like me out there!


Wild Waves and Enchanted Village is truly two parks in one, featuring more than 25 amusement rides and 18 water slides and water attractions. Visitors can enjoy 70 acres of thrilling roller coasters—including the largest wooden coaster in the state—bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, a lazy river, an activity pool and more.


Um…. Yep. That’s BIG. Really Big!




We got to again this summer and spend some time with friends! And we did take in both the Wild Waves and Enchanted Village! The kiddos LOVE the Enchanted Village. My kiddo loves all the little kid rides. He just perks up and runs from one to the other! Jumps off one and heads to the next!


We had just gotten back from the beach, so I have to say the wave pool was a huge hit! It was almost like we were still at the beach.


And to end our day, what’s a better way than with ice cream!

Originally opened as The Enchanted Village Theme Park in 1977, the park began with a half-dozen dry rides. By 1984, WildWaves Waterpark was built adjacent to Enchanted Village and the combined amusement complex became known as Enchanted Parks. It wasn’t until 2002 that the park became Wild Waves Theme Park.

“This is major milestone for Wild Waves and Enchanted Village, as the Enchanted Village name evokes a lot of nostalgia for Pacific Northwest residents who spent their childhoods visiting the park,” said general manager Todd Suchan. “We’ve changed and grown quite a bit since then and now is the perfect time to return to our roots and begin investments to improve the park experience for our regular guests and new visitors.  And, fans of the park should keep an eye on our social media pages for some exciting new ride announcements coming very soon!”

In addition to the unveiling of a new name and park logos, the park also announces that coming later this summer, visitors will be able to purchase discounted tickets that provide unlimited access to Enchanted Village rides and activities, excluding the Wild Waves water park activities.



Wild Waves and Enchanted Village are open for the 2016 season  and season passes are available now via Discounted daily tickets will be available online and at select Safeway location throughout the season.

Only 30 minutes south of Seattle, Wild Waves and Enchanted Village is located in Federal Way at 36201 Enchanted Parkway South. Join in on the holiday fun during Fright Fest, weekends in October, and Holiday with Lights in December. For park information, please call 253-661-8000 or visit


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Hope to see you there next time we go!

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Fright Fest!

If you live near Seattle, have you been to Fright Fest? A place to play in the park after dark every weekend in October: Amusement rides, haunted houses, and Booville bring chills and thrills!


We got to go! We left the Fright out of the Fest for the most part becuase there’s a little kid in my family that doesn’t like to be frightened!

Fright Fest is what the amusement park, Wild Waves, turns into on weekends in October. We’ve never been to Wild Waves so I had no idea how huge the place was and all the fun rides for the kiddos! Wild Waves is bringing thrill seekers screams and scares at the 14th annual Fright Fest on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, October 2 through October 31. At Fright Fest, guests of all ages can navigate through two bone-chilling haunted houses, explore Booville, a scare-free zone for children ages 12 and under can even experience their favorite amusement rides in the dark.

Booville was a lot of fun! The kiddos had a great time riding all the rides. I have a strange fondness for taking pictures of my family in wooden cut outs, so I had to make them stop at each one for a little photoshoot!

There was supposed to be crafts for the kids, but we hit the rides first. When we came back there were only coloring sheets and eyeball stickers left. And just because the crafts were gone, don’t think we didn’t have fun with eyeball stickers!

And we had a milestone event happen!!! My kiddo got his face painted! He’s NEVER let anyone put facepaint on his face! And I don’t think he’s ever even put a temporary tattoo on his face. But last night he did! And the cute little guy did NOT want to wash it off when it was time for bed.

More than 20 rides—including crowd favorites like The Wild Thing and Timber Axe—will operate in the dark. Those who dare can enter The Chamber of Souls, a labyrinth of monsters and mischief, or The Playground, a 3-dimensional haunted house.

Park-goers can choose to complement their Fright Fest admission tickets with one of two R.I.P. passes. With an R.I.P. pass, guests can rest peacefully while waiting in a shorter express line. And I’d recommend it if you want to head to the Haunted Houses! The lines were outrageous! My husband brought a friend that would even attempt the haunted houses with him and they didn’t even try becuase of the lines! So even though I can’t stand haunted houses, I’m thinking these are pretty good since all those people were waiting to get in!

We had a good time! The kids had fun and I’d go back. But 2 things to know… They charge for parking. Which isn’t listed on the website and I do not like those types of surprises! And Secondly, eat before you go! Not only were the lines for the haunted house long, but so were the food lines. (And I’m hoping the haunted houses were better than the food that we did stand in line for!) Despite those two things, we had a great night with our family and friends!

There’s only one weekend left! Have fun!!!

I have been compensated with either payment or product for this post. All opinions are my own, honest opinions!