do. Good Stitches Star Quilt

The second quilt for our do. Good Stitches group is FINALLY complete!  And I can say that because I was the quilter for the February quilt!


I was the quilter, but I can’t say I created the quilt by myself! As a quilter, you get to pick the block and the colors. Then each person in the group makes the blocks and sends them to you. Then the quilter pieces it and quilts it. So I had the help of the group making all the fantastic blocks from my wonky star tutorial!


And then I had the help of my kiddo to lay the whole thing out!



I love how the stars came together! I don’t know who well you can see it, but the quilting is the outline of the bottom star and it repeats out over the rest of the quilt. I really like it, just wish you could see it a little bit better on the front!


My request was to use bright colors for the star on a white background. Then as I was putting it together I realized that my ‘white’ was actually a creamy white. WHat really stood out bad was the pieceing of my cream fabric between the white background of the stars. So I redid my stars, which left me with some extra stars. One ended up being my SMQG name tag. The other ended up on the back!


If you are the quilter for, let’s say February, then you actual make the quilt in March. Unfortunately, I didn’t get all the blocks in time before my surgery and then my surgery set me back… So I didn’t actually finish my quilt until the end of April.


I guess when it gets done isn’t the important part. The important part is finishing the quilt for the charity our group quilts for!


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A Wonky Star Quilt Block Tutorial

Like I mentioned on Monday, I’m LOVING the stars right now! And I’m loving them with a little ‘wonkiness’ added in!


The straight up and down ones are cool too, but I’m loving adding them in at a slant! And today I’ll show you how I make them.

Materials. Materials are um, simple… fabric, your cutting tools and thread (not pictured)


Step 1: Cut your fabrics! You’re going to make the quilt block much bigger than you actually want it to be. For this one I wanted about a 9 inch block with a 6 inch star. (plus or minus…)


You’ll need four corner squares. To make my 6 inch star, I started with (1) 3×3 inch center. I also needed (4) outer corner squares measuring 6×6 inches and (4) middle rectangles that measure 3×6 inches, both out of the background fabric. And you’ll need a pile of scraps about 2×4 inches or so. These star corners I don’t really measure!


Step 2: Putting all the stars points together!


Put the two fabrics right side together and fold over.


Although it doesn’t matter what the size of the star point fabric is, it does matter that it covers the 3×6 rectangle. Like so.


Sew the two pieces together once you get the star point laid out how you like it.


Then iron it flat.


Step 3: Trim!


I love using my little quilting square! You want to trim it so that you again have a 3×6 inch rectangle.


And then trim below to get a straight seam allowance.

Step 4: Repeat. Repeat.


You want to repeat Steps 2 and 3 on the other side of the rectangle for the other star point. And often you can use a scrap from the other side!


Then repeat and repeat and repeat for each side of the star!

Step 5: Sew the squares and rectangles together.


Sew two rectangles to the center square.


Sew one rectangle to two background squares. And repeat with the last three pieces.


Then sew all three pieces together.


And you have a block!


But you have a block that looks like the one above….


And we really want a block that looks like this one (above).

Step 7: Trim!


Rotate the block to the position you want it to be. Then trim off each side. You’ll end up with 4 triangles and one square block!


A wonky star block!


And then you can repeat and repeat and repeat until you’re hearts content! Enjoy!


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