Woodsy Party Tutorial Two- Moss Letters

Welcome to my very last party post for a little while! The last thing I want to share with you is how I made the moss covered letters. well, maybe want isn’t the right word. I could chat about my parties for some time and probably start to bore you… So let me rephrase that, that last thing I’m going to share with you about my parties is the moss covered letters.


This is another party decoration I have seen around and loved! (Unfortunately, I don’t remember where or else I’d share that as every good blogger would.) I so wanted to incorporate them into my woodsy party somehow! It was one of those things, I want this decoration, but what am I going to do with it??? Ah, ha! A backdrop for the dessert table! if you read the original post about the party, you know that the desserts from the dessert table ended up moving inside before everything melted, which left the dessert table and my moss letters just hanging out outside in the HOT without the fan fare they were expecting!  

And since I had no idea where I had seen them, I had to make up how to make them! Here’s how I did it:


1. Materials:

Spray Adhesive

Wooden Letters (or you could use the cardboard ones, I suppose)

Sheet of Moss (I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but I think they sell it Micheals and JoAnns)


2. Cut moss around the letter. Be sure to leave enough on each side to wrap around the side of the letter and on to the back of the letter.

3. Spray the front and sides of the letter with the spray adhesive. (You could do it another way and spray the moss instead of the letter. Either way works!)

4. Press the letter onto the moss.

5. Pull and press the moss around the letter. Hold for a few seconds to make sure it adheres.

6. There will be some areas that don’t get covered. So I cut little pieces of moss, sprayed them with the adhesive and glued them on. They blend right in, so don’t worry about these areas, like corners, etc.

7. Wahla! Hang and display!

There ya go! Those were my two parties for the spring. Hopefully you enjoyed seeing them! And thank you, too, to my guests during these weeks of party posts, Brittany from One Charming Party and Chris from Celebrations at Home!!!

I still want to have a camping party this summer. Maybe once we get our campsite spruced up we will!

And then probably not another party untill my son’s September birthday party. That one I am still debating… Dr Suess? Book Party? Outer Space Party??? Super Hero Party??? Monster Party??? Art Party??? …. So many ideas, but I can only choose one! What parties have y’all liked for 3 year olds???

Woodsy Party Tutorial One- Favor Tags

Favors. ahhh… I love favors! I know, I’ve said it over and over, but I do!  Since this party was more than just an everyday party, this was my son’s baptism, I wanted something relevant to the event. A symbol of life.

I chose plants with a tag of my favorite phrase from our church, ‘May the Peace be with you.’  They were alive when the left party, so hopefully they are still thriving with all of our friends and family!

I’ve seen the tags and the little flags around the blogosphere, but I didn’t want to print something someone else had made. I wanted it hand written and on the brown kraft paper. Here’s a mini tutorial on how I made mine!


1. Materials:

Kraft Paper

White Pen

Double sided tape


Cutting Mat & Straight Edge

2. Cut strips of paper the same width as your tape.

3. Write your message.

4. Apply tape to one side of the tag.

5. Wrap the tag around the pail handle and tape to the other side. And Wahla!

Super simple!

What favors would you give for a woodsy party??? Let me know! I love woodsy parties (in case you haven’t noticed!) so I’d love some more great ideas.


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Woodsy Parties Link Love

In usual Friday fashion, I’m sharing some link love! This week I want to share some of my favorite ‘woodsy’ parties. Some inspired mine and some I’ve found since that are just beautiful.

1. This table top, designed by Gloria Wong via Celebrations At Home, is the true inspiration for my woodsy party! I just love the moss table runner and all the flowers and wood.

2. I love love love the colors used in this LIttle Birdie Baby Shower designed by Chris from Celebrations at Home. If I had seen this prior to mine, I might just have changed my color scheme!

3. Now this one is really woodsy! This camping party by Moore Minutes has all the perfect details, including a smores table!! I saw this one last year when I was planning my son’s birthday party and it has stuck with me all this time!  (We ended up going with a dragon themed party, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get a camping party in one year!)

4. This little easter brunch table styled by Styled via Elizabeth Anne Designs just struck with a sense of the outdoor freshness of Spring!

5. How cool is a hanging centerpiece decorated with moss??? Very cool, if you ask me! By Good Housekeeping via Celebrations at Home

6. And another camping party. This one is a Baby Shower by Jessie Hack Designs via On To Baby looks like soooo much fun! Again, the woodsy details are perfect! And check out the ‘smores’ cupcakes…. (can you tell what I’m going to be eating this weekend??? )

Woodsy Baptism Reception

The second party I want to share is the Baptism Reception we had for my son on his special day! The theme I choose was a woodsy theme. Why woodsy? Because my son LOVES rocks and being outside camping and playing in the woods!The invites set the mood with the wood grain background.  Also incorporated into the decorations were birds and eggs. 

I’ve mentioned before that I love party favors. So as I was thinking about what they would be I wanted something living, something that family could take home and plant. That’s how we ended up with flowers in a little tin bucket!

 Like most things in my little world, some things went perfectly and then other things went way wrong…. We had planned the party to be mostly outdoors. (a little background, I live in Seattle, the party was on the Gulf Coast) we cleaned my Mom’s back porch and back yard. and we cleaned and cleaned some more. And we cleaned inside, but the party was to be outside… It was warm, but actually kinda nice. The day of the party, it was HOT!!! We had a bag of blue chocolates that was left outside (in the shade) while we were at the service. When we came home the bag was a bag of one big melted chocolate!

Needless to say, the party moved inside while most of the decorations were outside!

Even though the decorations were beautiful, yet maybe overlooked since the party took place away from them, the day was perfect! The Baptism was very precious. My two best friends from growing up stood up and agreed to be there for my son, to be a part of his spiritual life and stay by his side on his journey through life. The ceremony was special and so was spending time with family and friends afterwards to celebrate.

And I just have to share how adorable these two cousins are!

Stay tuned… This week we’ll learn more about parties from Celebrations at Home, some woodsy party inspiration and next week a couple of tutorials from this party! Exciting!!

How would you have handled the heat?? I probably should have moved the desert table inside when we realized how hot it was! Oh, well! We were having too much fun to make that kind of move!

invite template via  nonpareil (unfortunately their website was hacked, but just in case they come back this was the link) and here’s their FB page
Max’s portrait in the first set of pictures was done by my cousin Katherine Shaver Photography

Reception Inspiration

I’m planning a reception/party for my son next month and am going with a woodsy, springy theme. Here’s my inspiration:

1. The color scheme is from the Sound of Music, via Bella Figura.

2 & 3. Loving the mossy tables with the wood grain vases and pedestals. Image 2, Southern Living via Celebrations at Home. Image 3, a Gloria Wong Design via Celebrations at Home.

4. Succulent place cards… Favors??? One Lovely Day via The Sweetest Occasion

5. Another really cool place setting idea….. via Frolic

More to come on this one!! Do you have any woodsy ideas for a spring reception??? Let me know!