An Easter Wreath Tutorial by Hugs Kisses and Snot!

I love the name of Stephanie’s blog! How true are those three things and how often do they all come along together for us mother’s out there??? Stephanie has some great tutorials on her blog, Hugs Kisses and Snot, and parenting thoughts! I recently read one about remembering how old your kiddos are and the expectations that go with that age and it really made me think about my three year old! Honestly, I think back to it quite often!

Today let’s welcome Stephanie to I’m Feelin’ Crafty!!! Yea!! Thanks for joining us!!

Hi there, I’m Stephanie from Hugs, Kisses and Snot. At Hugs, Kisses and Snot you will find inexpensive crafts for kids and the home, everyday food that is husband and kid approved and my faith journey. I’m also a veteran IVF mom as well as experienced in raising a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. You can find our IVF and SPD stories as well as SPD resources.

I’m really happy to be guest posting for Louise today. I’ve found lots of inspiration for crafts to do with my kids and I’m in awe of her quilting abilities. I don’t quilt myself and am amazed by people who do. To me, beautiful quilts are like a work of art that you create with a sewing machine.

Anyhoo – When quilters aren’t quilting, they knit. And those who don’t knit…make yarn wreaths. That’s me. I can’t quilt or knit but I seem to have an abundance of yarn. I’ve put that yarn to good use making yarn wreaths.

Spring has sprung so it’s time to update the front door with a fresh spring wreath. Felt rosettes are nice but I wanted something different this year. Felt calla lilies will do the trick. These are so easy to make you won’t believe it. Part of me wants to keep it a secret and make everybody think that I went to a lot of work to create this but I’ll be nice and share.


14 or 16 inch straw wreath
green yarn
1 sheet purple felt
1 sheet white felt
yellow, off white or oatmeal yarn (I used oatmeal)
2 inch wide wired ribbon (I used paper ribbon)
large decorative butterfly (the butterfly I used was made of paper and coordinated with
the ribbon. But a butterfly made of feather will work great too)
hot glue gun

all of these supplies can be found at the craft store (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc.)

First things first. Keeping the plastic on the wreath, wrap it with green yarn. The yarn does not have to wrap perfectly and line up exactly. That’s nearly impossible and imperfections make it more interesting. Just make sure you can’t see any of the straw
from the front.

Next, cut out 8 squares of purple felt and 8 squares of white felt. The squares are 3 X 3 inches. I used my scrapbooking cutting mat to measure but a ruler would work just fine.

Time to cut a stamen for the calla lily. Using another color of yarn (I used an oatmeal color because that is what I had in my basket) cut 16 pieces that are approximately 3 inches long. Position the yarn diagonally across the felt square and hot glue one half of the yarn down to the felt.

Here’s where it get’s tricky so pay attention…roll and glue. Did you catch that? Don’t let all this technical craft speak scare you. Just roll one corner in, glue. Then roll the other corner over and glue. Phew, nurse, dab my forehead please.

Continue the “roll & glue” method with all of the felt squares.

Now it’s time to attach them to the wreath. Start with a single layer of 4 flowers. I tried  to alternate the colors at random. Position 4 flowers and hot glue to the wreath. Once the first layer of flowers is in place, overlap another layer of flowers on top of the original 4. Always arrange and rearrange each layer of flowers before gluing them down. Continue adding layers until the bottom layer is only 2 or 3 flowers.

Cut a piece of wired ribbon long enough to wrap around the wreath. Hot glue at the base of the bouquet. This will hide the base of the bouquet as well as provide a smooth surface to glue the ribbon embellishment.

Cut another piece of ribbon about a yard long (there will be extra but that can be trimmed). Begin folding it accordion style.

Pinch the first fold together and hot glue in place. Don’t glue the top fold (loop). Pinch the next fold to the hot glued side and glue that in place. Continue folding and gluing until you have about 7 or 8 loops. Trim the excess ribbon and glue the tail end of the ribbon to the last fold.

Once the glue has dried you can gently bend so that it spoons up against the wreath. Position it on the ribbon that you have previously placed on the wreath at the base of your bouquet. Apply a generous amount of glue to the inside curve of your loop-d-loop and place it on the ribbon that is on the wreath.

The final step is to secure the butterfly. Most decorative butterflies have a wire sticking out of the underside of their body. It has been my experience that this little wire is not secure inside the butterfly and the smallest breeze will send your butterfly fluttering away. Secure the wire with a large dollop of hot glue where the wire enters the body of the butterfly. Now you can poke the wire into the wreath but you will still need to put hot glue on the underside of the body and secure that to the wreath.

Done and done!

Thanks for crafting with me!


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A Mini Yarn Wreath

Yes, I’m actaully still making Christmas presents. There were some projects on my mind that I just didn’t quite get to. I still want to, so why not keep going? Everyone likes getting presents even if they are late, right???

My wedding was a beach wedding over 5 years ago. We bought a bunch of shells for the decorations, including a bunch of tiny red starfish…. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with these left over shells and starfish. I’ve given away a bunch of the shells, sand dollars and the large starfish, but keep finding them here and there around the house! But even with the ones I’ve given away, I’ve still got a bunch. What to do with the little red starfish???

And as you know, I love a good yarn wreath!

Pretty simple!

Step 1: Materials:


Small Stryofoam Wreath


Hot Glue Gun and Glue


Step 2: Wrap the yarn around the wreath form.

Step 3: Layout the starfish design.

Step 4: Rotate the wreath and glue the starfish down as close to the original design as possible. Then go back and add a few more!

Step 5: Pick your ribbon. I couldn’t decide… brown?? cream??? The husband had to make the final call for the cream!

That’s it, easy easy easy! And why couldn’t I get this done before Christmas??? hmmmmm….

Are you still making Christmas presents??? Or have you moved on, like most people?

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Creepy Crawly Yarn Wreath

Yes, Yes, another yarn wreath! I do love them! I’ve made a few in the past year or so, but these were football themed wreaths! Go Bama! RTR! And they were both gifts… This one is for us!

And a quick tutorial…

As I mentioned before, the original tutorial that I used to get started was here at Take Heart.

1. Materials:

White yarn, the cheap stuff. No need for the fancy yarns!

The straw wreath. And I leave the plastic wrap on.


and Scissors

2. Start the wreath by tying off the yarn.

3. And then you go around and around and around and around and around and ….. Ok, you get the point! It’s actually kind of a workout for the arms going around and around and…. But here’s where the tutorial deviates from the original tutorial. Do the around and around for a few inches and then start over in another section across from the first section. Then go a few inches and switch sides again! The problem with this is that you get the web going , your big ball of yarn won’t fit through the center anymore. At this point I started cutting shorter lengths of yarn are just knotted the pieces together as needed. The knot just gets covered up by yarn as it wraps around and around and around and…. Once you get to the end, leave a longer piece of yarn to tie your spider on.

4. Knot all the pieces in the middle together.

5. start in the center and move around the inside pieces knotting the web yarn as you go. I spaced mine about an inch apart from one another.

6. Wahla!

This weekend we’re going to get the rest of the decorations up! I’ll show more of our holiday decor next week. My son is itchin’ to get in the boxes of decorations! Have you decorated yet???

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Another Yarn Wreath

Happy Monday! This week I have two goals. One is to start studying for my Structural ARE exam and the other is to get back on a regular blogging schedule! Oh, and maybe I should add sleep more to my goal list… And, I’m hoping that by the end of this month I will have blogged about all my Christmas presents that I made!!

 Did I mention I LOVE the yarn wreaths??? I made another one a while back for my mom with the University of Alabama theme.

Here’s another Christmas present I made… Yep, you guessed it, another yarn wreath. And again with the University of Alabama theme…

I have also had a distant relative and close friend’s wife on bed rest in the last few months. I didn’t know if either of them were really crafty, but I sent all the fixin’s for a yarn wreath to them… Hopefully they enjoyed making them as much as I do.

I’m going to try to make one for myself very soon. And as much as I like ‘The’ university, I think I’m going to branch out with a different theme!

Have you made a yarn wreath recently??? Any theme or occasion suggestions? Valentine’s Day maybe????

I Love the Yarn Wreaths!

My Mom was visiting recently and had a website address written down that she wanted to show me for a wreath. We checked it out and neither of us liked them. The wreaths were decorated for Football season, but with cheesy fake roses and silly dolls. Not to mention they were EXPENSIVE!

We both said, we could do that and we could do it for half the price.

But how would we do it??? A few days went by, Mom went home, I was driving to work and thinking crafty thoughts… How could I make a cool wreath for my mom. And it’s hard to believe the timing, but that morning there was an email in my inbox singing the praises of Take Heart’s yarn wreath tutorial. Hello??? Perfect!

Out I went for materials, wreath 2.50, yarn about 3.00, felt sheets 29 cents each, fabric for bow about 2.00 (if that much), football I had…. total project budget 9.00! Much better the $150.00 one online. It did take a little longer to wrap the wreath with the yarn than I thought, but it’s worth it. I love it. Thinking of Christmas wreaths….

My first (and definitely not last) yarn wreath shows the love for the University of Alabama football team. Although this weekend was not their most shining moment, we are not fair weather fans, so the wreath making continued despite the loss… 

I followed the tutorial, but made a loop in the back for hanging. Very excited and think Mom will be too!