Happy Easter Bunny Pillow

Another craft I’ve taken up recently is punch needle. This is another easy project type for a beginner! There are also a lot of kits you can get for starter projects. This project is not from a kit, though. I just made it up as I went along!


Back in February 2020, before we had a clue all of our lives were about to change dramatically, my kiddo and I took a punchneedle class at Wyldwood Creative with Andie Solar of Myra & Jean. Now I say it’s a fun easy craft project. Andie was a good teacher, but she does some amazing art that I haven’t been able to figure out and that does not look easy!


After the class I had the punch needle tool I needed and a random stack of yarn. I ordered some monks cloth and set to work on my bunny project! I changed the length of the punch needle to be longer for the tail! One tip I learned in the class was to not go in straight lines, to get a more organic feel and to not see the ‘lines.’


Once I was done, I finished the back with a layer of thin fusible interfacing.


For the back I upcycled two pillowcases by using the contrasting hem of the pillowcases. And I added a hidden zipper! Surprise!


When I was trying to figure out how to sew the front and back together, I found two schools of thought. Some tutorials said to use a zipper foot and sew right up to the punch needle edge. The other side said that you don’t need to do that and to just use a regular foot and to sew over the edge of the punch needle edge. I went with option 2. I got two perfect edges and two not so perfect edges… Next time, I’m using the zipper foot method to see if it helps get a better edge!


Have you tried punch needle??? It’s really quite fun and relaxing!

A Bunny Embroidered Bag

And now for my third embroidery project!


This project is a combo of two projects from The Love magazines! Since I’m still learning this embroidery thing, I’m enjoying following the directions from the Love Embroidery Magazine instructions.


This pattern by Stacie Bloomfield aka Gingibear was featured in Issue 1 of the magazine, but it’s also online at Gathered. It was a pretty easy project, but the split stitch that I did to fill in the body took me forever! and it doesn’t have the same lovely texture as her project. Maybe I didn’t do it exactly right. Not sure!


For the bag I followed the tutorial in Love Quilting Magazine for the Stitch and Stroll bag by Sotak Handmade. I forget the issue number, but it looks like her pattern is in now in her etsy shop, here. It’s called the Denver Tote in her shop. It’s a great little drawstring tote bag pattern. I’ve made it a couple of times now and it goes together quickly! In hindsight, I wish the bunny was higher up on the bag…. Oh, well!


I choose to use some fun chicken fabric on the inside! I thought it was bright and fun and went well with the bunny!


I gave this as a Christmas present, but maybe it should have been an Easter present! 🙂 ha!

My First Embroidery Projects

I started doing embroidery back in 2020! I started getting more and more enamored by embroidery watching amazing artists on instagram. Then I found the Love Embroidery Magazine and got hooked!


For this project, I attempted the cover project from Issue 4 of Love Embroidery Magazine. Only I wasn’t about to attempt the whole thing! I tried the hummingbird, but not the flowers. The directions in the magazine are always quite through.


It even looks like I almost know what I’m doing!


Instead of doing the flowers as embroidery, I went back to something I knew a little better and that’s paper crafts and using my Cricut. I got the leaf and flower templates from the Designs by Miss Mandee blog. She makes AMAZING things from paper and a Cricut! I used her tutorial and SVG files for her Die Cut Tropical Leaves wreath project. I also added flowers from her Spring Animals with Flower Crowns project.


I used to glue my backs and then learned that gathering back helps with fabric stretching over time. So now I finish the backs like this!


I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out! This is actually my second ever embroidery project. Keep reading for my first project…


My dad, husband, son and I love Ice Cream…. My son thinks my Dad’s night time ritual of a bowl of ice cream every night is what everyone should do. When I saw this little project, I knew it would be a great gift for my dad!


This was a fun project to start my embroidery obsession. I just wish I had all the time in the world to sew, embroider and cross stitch!

Have you started any new crafts lately???