Quilts for Oso Update

Last month, I know you heard of the horrible mudslides here in Washington.


And then I posted about the wonderful woman behind the blog, Layers of Hope, who is running a quilt drive for the victims of the mudslides!  Well, I had a great response. Some quilters contacted me and we ended up finding ways for them to donate without the quilts actually going through me to get to Layers of Hope.


But then this big box showed up with some fantastic goodies for the quilt drive. A lady in California quilts and also spends time in Texas with another group of quilters, the Rayburn Crafters.


The box was super full with quilts and knitted blankets! I was like a kiddo on Christmas morning going through the box and seeing all the fun pieces. And as I was looking at each one, these cute little things kept falling out….


Hats! Adorable little hats were packed in throughout the blankets!


Most of the quilts are baby and toddler sized. They are small in size, but not in detail or love! Each one of these quilts are hand quilted, which I know is a labor of love.





I picked some of my favorite details to show ya! I love the retro little girl fabric and the funny lady bugs! The embroidery and hand stitching is just always fascinating to me as well!


Then there was also this quilt in the box. It’s nice and big and I’m totally in love with it! It’s made to look older than it really is. Doesn’t it look like something you’d and in an antique shop? Love it!


and I’ve started my donations as well, but more to come on that!

I’ve been in touch with Layers of Hope and am dropping of the box this weekend!



Call for Quilts for Oso

This week our state has experienced a devasting loss. They are saying the mudslides are our worst natural disaster since Mt. St. Helens eruption. Last I heard the death toll is around 20 and 30 are still missing. Unfortunately this is part of the better news, in that the missing has been dropped from 90 to 30.


Families have lost everything. It’s just hard to even write about it…

I just keep thinking about one of the stories I heard in the very beginning, about a rescuer trying to find people. They could hear them, but couldn’t get to them due to the amount of mud. Can you imagine? That person is going to hear that voice for years to come. I can only hope that eventually he was able to get back to those trapped.


image via CNN US

And I read this:

“There was this gray cloud . . . and then I saw it taking out trees 100 at a time,” she said. “I started screaming for my kids to get out of there. I’m screaming, ‘It’s a mudslide!’ ”

Within minutes, the roar was gone, and Langton opened the back door.

“I looked out on complete devastation,” she said. “I heard two ladies shouting for help. I heard another voice screaming, ‘Help.’ I couldn’t see him. I said, ‘Sir, could you raise your arms so I can see you?’ He said he only had one arm. The other one was just hanging there.”

She helped rescue them. -excerpt from The Washington post,  for the full article click here.


image via CNN US

Between the stories of the immense loss there are more stories of hope and of people helping people.

Like this one from the pastor of Oso Community Chapel:

“I was expecting someone to say, ‘I lost my brother or I lost my house and I’m angry’ — and that would have been OK,” he said by phone Sunday. “But today what we heard was, ‘I was in trouble and a stranger stopped and helped me.’” – excerpt from CNN, read the whole article here. It’s a good one.


the before and after, image via CBS NEWS

I don’t know these people, but they are only about an hour from me. The only thing I can think of to help is to give them something made with love. And that’s a quilt. They lost everything. I know they need so many more things than a quilt. But the love that comes with something hand made can truly make a difference.

Online I have found a woman called the Quilting Granny from Layers of Hope. She is spearheading a quilt drive for the community.  I’ll be making one to give and I’m hoping you will too.  There is tons of information on The Layers of Hope blog, but a brief run down is:

Only new, handmade quilts, please.

Needed by April 19th!

Sizes should be at least:

  1. Baby sizes 42 x 42
  2. Toddler sizes 52 x 52
  3. Twin Size 68 x 86
  4. Full Size 78 x 86

We want them to cover for adults at least someone who is 6′ tall for length.**They can be quilted, crocheted or knitted, they must be handmade, no store quilts!**

If you can, you can drop off or send directly to any of the following locations:

Town Square Fabric and Yarn
445 SW 152nd Street
Burien, WA 98166
Tell Christina or Cynthia they are for Layers of Hope – Quilting 911 Oso quilt drive and they will hold them.

If you live closer to the Oso area or Canada, you may drop them off with:
Mary Udman at the Skagit Valley YMCA
215 E Fulton Street
Mt. Vernon, WA 98273

In the Centralia/Chehalis Area there are two drop off points:
Sisters Fabric
476 N. Market Street
Chehalis, WA 98532
Tell Jody or Bobbi they are for Oso


Quilters Junction
1728 Gold Street
Centralia, WA 98531

Or you can send to me and I promise I’ll get them to one of the drop off locations before April 19th. Just email me for my address!


There is a huge need for all quilters to help! And yes, the timeline is short, but please help if you can!



WIPS on Wedn… I Mean On Thursday! (and a request for pattern testers)

Man, I’ve been having some horrible eye issues that have been slowing me down! 4 doctors, 5 medications and 3 diagnosis… And it all comes down to allergies and Dry Eye! Who knew?? I’ve seen commercials for it and never ever would have thought that dry eye could be so painful! It’s getting better though! Yea!


Between keeping my eyes closed I’ve been working on some quilting projects! Coming soon will be more kids clothes, but…. I had totally forgotten that I was totally down to the wire on time, so I did a super quick machine binding on it. So I’m going back and finishing the binding by hand and removing the hanging strip.


I’m working that hand sewing thing! A neighbor put a call out for rec’s on someone to fix a quilt, so I said I could probably help her. This had a bunch of seams failing around the blocks, so I fixed those. After I was about 80% through with it, I realized I should have just taken out a side seam, turned it inside out and fixed it on the machine… Oh, well….


It also has one hole in it that she wanted patched. So I added a little ehexi with fusible interfacing then went back and added a blanket stitch.


And lastly… it’s that alligator again! I know you’re probably tired of seeing it…. But sorry! I’m going to be showing more of it in the months to come! I’m also looking for pattern testers! I need some for the whole quilt top and some for just the gator itself! Please email if you’re interested!


The quilt is actually going to have 3 gators… I’m almost done with 2!!!

What have you been working on? Are you getting ready for Kids Clothes Week? Or sewing along with Project Run and Play? I’ve been planning, but only in my head!

A Quilted Pouch Tutorial

I’m obsessively sewing on a quilt, so I’m using today to bring home another project I made for Go To Sew!

I recently made this pouch as a pouch for pinking shears. Then the other day I bought a pencil box for my son. As we were walking out of the store, I was struck by a moment of confusion…. Um, why did I just buy that when I could make one, super fast and for the same price (if not less, since this only uses scraps)???? No clue! I just kept on walking….


So not only can this be a pinking shears pouch, but it can be an eyeglass case, a marker pouch, a credit card holder, a cash holder…. Basically anything you want to hold…. Ok, maybe not ANYTHING, like it probably wouldn’t work for a puppy. You’d need something else for that. But small things, this will work!


Ready? It’s simple!




a small piece of batting

Cutting devices


Snap (or you could use buttons or magnets)


Step 1: Sew the scraps together. But, before you can start sewing you need to determine the size you need! For my pinking shears I decided that the pouch needed to by 11 inches wide. That’s about 5 ” for the front and back, plus your seam allowances. Then the shears are about 10 inches tall, so the pouch needed to be 20″ plus the flap, which I made 5″. So for this pouch I needed a pieced piece 11″ x 25″. Once you figure the size you need, just start sewing those scraps together!


Step 2: Trim your piece to the exactly dimensions that you need.


Step 3: Fold the piece in half.


Step 4: Sew together one end, right sides together. It’s hard to see in this picture, but I really did sew the end together there along the line I drew! Then turn it back, wrong sides together.


Step 5: Trim the batting to the same length and width of your folded piece.


Step 6: Insert the batting between the folded pieces.


Step 7: Quilt the pieces together!


Step 8: Cut the binding. 2.5 inches by the perimeter of your pouch. Mine was 5.5 + 10 + 5 + 5.5 + 10 + 5 = 41 inches, plus extra.


Step 9. Fold over the pouch so that the sewn end is the exposed end under the flap. Sew on the binding.


Step 10: Add the snap.


Step 11: Add the pinking shears! You’re done!


What would you use your for???

A New Pillow

Yep, I’m still quilting! This time it’s a pillow.


Our Seattle Modern Quilt Guild has started a Block of the Month. January’s BOM was called a Christmas Snowflake. All the other ones I’ve seen the pieces are typically low volume prints for the background and colored print groups for the main snowflake.


But I made mine to go with the quilt I’m making, so again I used the blue, brown and white solids. I wasn’t sure how it would look in solids. I like how it turned out after all!


Last summer I did a swap (I’ve temporarily taken a break form swaps this year!) where we made each other pieces for our bedrooms and I got this fantastic pillow. It’s the one in the back. But don’t they go beautifully together? I love them!


So what to see a little behind the scenes? While I was taking these pictures the pup came in and sat right smack in front of the camera! She’s pretty cute, huh?? Not exactly what I was trying to take a picture of, but once she was there, I took a couple!


And the secret to this photo shoot is that it was actually in my son’s room and not mine! The pillows are meant for our room, which is mostly white and tan with a little bit of blue accent. But I was hanging out in my son’s room and realized his colors were the same, just mostly blue with tan and white. So I took the pics in his room!


I did a bit of quilting in the corners and then was going to hand stitch the blue and brown areas. Everywhere? Hmmm…. Once I did the middle and the brown, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to do the blue. Nope! No blue! I like it best without. And I love how it plays off the swap pillow that does a bit of hand stitching, but doesn’t use it everywhere.


I made this block the same way I made the Low Volume, Bright Contrast Crosses Postage Stamp Quilt Block, with the lightest weight interfacing. Have you made a Christmas Snowflake block? Did you use solids or prints?

do Good Stitches! Again!

We have a couple of super fast quilters in our group and our January quilter, Kat, from Kat and Cat Quilts has already finished our January quilt!


image via Kat’s flickr

For January, Kat had us do a Drunken Circles quilt!


Be sure to check out her blog for a great tutorial for the block and doing the curves. I’ve always pinned my curves (not that I’ve done many…), but she said you didn’t have to and she was right! Very cool to learn something new. That’s why I love this bee!


I think she was worried that some of us would be scared by the curves, but it ended up being a pretty quick and easy block to master!


image via Kat’s flickr

Kat does this fantastic circle quilting! She did it on another one of our quilts, the May 2013 one. That’s where I fell in love with it. I haven’t tried it yet, but want to!


image via Kat’s flickr

I can’t put my finger on why, but the backing fabric, the music notes, is perfect for this quilt. I love it with the circles. Maybe it’s the circles on the front bobbing around while at the same time, the circles in the music notes are bobbing around on the back! It’s great! And you can really see her circles here!


image via Kat’s flickr

I just finished my February and March blocks, and trust me, I’m going to have some more fun ones to show off soon! Great work to all the ladies in my circle!

One More do. Good Quilt from 2013!

Our last Nurture Circle quilt from 2013 was quilted by Debi of Tweety Bee Stitches and is a bright and very very cheerful quilt!


image via Debi’s flickr page

The pattern is Color Study by Kristene Peterson, from Fons and Porter’s Scrap Quilts Magazine (Spring 2013). In case you don’t have the magazine you can find the quick tutorial for our group on Debi’s blog.


Our group was going through a transition and we were short a member, so I made a few extra… Then I thought one was off, so I made an extra. And I just loved making the bright crazy pieces, so I wasn’t too upset about making a bunch of them! I don’t know, but I just love them!


image via Ara Jane’s flickr page

One of my most favorite quilts from do.Good and from our guild was Ara Jane’s High Volume 3/4 Log Cabin. And when I first saw what Debi had picked for our groups October quilt, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Ara Jane’s.



image via Debi’s flickr page

I also love Debi’s choice for the back and for the quilting for this one!


These are so quick to put together, they’d make a beautiful baby blanket!

So I’ve now showed you every quilt we did as an online group bee for 2013! You can see them all in one place here. And here’s to a great 2014 for the Nurture Circle of do.Good Stitches!

Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Retreat

Superbowl weekend I headed to Vashon Island for the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s first ever retreat!!


When we first planned the retreat we didn’t realize it was super bowl weekend. Then we figured it out and some knew they would leave early, but it wasn’t a big deal to most. And then it ended up becoming quite the big deal for a lot of us! And the rest of Seattle! Even the ferries were ‘In’!


image via A Quilter’s Table

After the ferry ride, I made to the retreat and found my ‘roomies’, my friend Debbie of A Quilter’s Table and her fun daughter, Rachel of Snippets of Sweetness! We had a great time getting to know each other even better than before!


Our buddy Kristen joked us all up with fantastic swag bags! We got candy! Discounts from Quality Sewing and vacuum, Pacific Fabrics, Island Quilter, Town Square Fabric and Yarn and Quilt Sandwich Fabrics. There were also cute notebooks, a key chain, a little scissor and measuring tape combo and fabric from Quilt Sandwich Fabrics and Gossypium Quilt Shop!


We had two lovely ladies in charge of planning some retreat activites that you could choose to participate in or not. And those lovely ladies were myself (hehehe) and my new friend Vicki of Sew Inspired Blog! One of the activites was a hand sewn project Dirty Santa! Do you play Dirty Santa at Christmas?? This was a lot of fun!! Usually have of the presents are silly, but with this one all the presents were things people had made, os I don’t thin kthere would any way anyone would go home dissapointted. I made the lovely lily pad bowl and plate designed by my friend and sponsor, Michelle of Michelle Made Me.


I admit, I did a little stealing to get this pouch from another friend Chandra of Mildly Gifted! I was needing a bigger pouch for my little carry around project that I, obviously, carry around with me. It’s outgrowing my current pouch. So I needed a new one and I loved this one! Perfect! I was holding my breath that no one would steal it from me! And it turns out that that the adorable little polaroid bits glow in the dark! Who knew!


We stayed a wonderful location, Camp Burton on Vashon Island. The ‘dorm’ was right next to our sewing space. And the dining room was just a 3 minute walk away! And all of this overlooked the water. Although, I didn’t pay much attention to the beautiful surroundings since I was sewing SO MUCH!


image via A Quilter’s Table

We did walk down to the water for a few minutes on Sunday with Debbie, Vicki and Kristen!


But otherwise, if I wasn’t eating or sleeping, I was sewing, just down the table from Debbie! You can see what I was working on here.

Another project we had for people to participate in was a Round Robin session. Some of our guild had done this at Quiltcon, I think, and then did it again amongst themselves. The one we did at the retreat was in groups of 4 and timed. Before we started we sat and talked about our fabric. We brought our own fabric and let people know if they could and to it or not! We had about 15 minutes to make our own start. Then we passed our started piece and our pile of fabric to the next person. Then we had about 30 minutes before we traded again. We worked on each others for about 30 minutes.


I took before and after pictures of each of my rounds. The before pictures are the what the piece looked like when it got to me. the alters are after I was done…


The are the four final pieces from our group.


And this is all eight of the finished round robin improve session! I want to do a session at home. Anyone want to join me???


image via A Quilter’s Table

Aren’t we a cute group? We are a fantastically talented group, that’s for sure! (You can see a bit of what we all do here) It was such an amazing weekend. I really felt like I got to know more people, but really got to know them better. I feel like I made so many new friends. I knew most everyone before I left for the retreat, but when I headed home, I was leaving new friends, not just guild acquaintances! And talk about inspiring! I was inspired by so many of these women and on such different levels! I cant’ wait to do it again! Thank you ladies!

WIP Wednesday!

I’m usually a one project at a time, but this month I’ve got all sorts of things going on! Our local Modern Quilt Guild retreat kinda helped with that! I’ll tell ya more about all the fun at the retreat on Friday! But now, do you want to see what I’m working on??


First up…. My Madrona Road project… Yes, this was a Modern Quilt Guild challenge from, oh, a year and a half ago maybe??? The hexi’s in the middle were my first attempt at hand sewing and hand sewing hexagons. And it got me hooked! Love them!


So Friday night of the retreat, I got the top and back of the quilt done! I’ve had the hexagon section done for a while, but I put the rest of the top together and the back!


Then Saturday morning of the retreat we had an activity, then lunch, then I started on this one! If you remember, I designed this quilt for my husband last December. And a year later, I started it!


By the end of the day, I had this! It’s about 80 inches wide now. I don’t have much further to go. But I ran out of fabric and my bobbin ran out and I wanted to get home for the Super Bowl, so I stopped!


Images via Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Blog

Next up… I’ve also got my pieces cut for our Quilt Guild’s January BOM! I’m going to do the bigger one in the same colors as my husband’s quilt, so have a matching pillow! And then the smaller one is going to be one of this month’s blocks for my do. Good Stitches group. Tutorials for both can be found here.


And lastly, my Riley Blake Challenge! I’m a bit late getting started, but I think I can have it done in time. It took me a while to figure out what to make. Then my husband said, ‘You like bags, make a bag.’ Hello? at first I kinda turned my nose up at his idea… I don’t need another bag… Then I remembered I was just thinking that I wanted a bag to carry my quilts in while I’m adding on the binding. I tote them around to gymnastics, etc… So that’s what I’m doing!

Then there’s a few kids clothes projects piling up too! AHHH! SO much to do! Oh, and getting my gator quilt pattern together… Oh, and… and…. Does it ever end??

What are you working on?


Binary Quilt Show

What do you think of when you think Binary? I kinda think of x’s and o’s and early computers… I have no idea really if that’s binary, but that’s my first thought! But that is NOT what our Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s latest show was about!



Adjective:  Consisting of, indicating, or involving two

Two Colors! That’s what our show was about. I really struggled with it, because everything I came up with were MOSTLY two colors, but I always wanted to add in a pop of another color… I had actually given up and come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to have a quilt in this show….


Until I started my alligator quilt! I say I only used yellows and greens, but the three teeth are white. But they are less than inch each, maybe even all together… So, Gator made it! He’s pretty different than most of the quilts in the show, but I think he works!


The yellow was a blessing in disguise! I ran out of the yellow I was using. So my new friend picked up a bunch of yellow fabric for me from the quilt shop and brought it to the Guild Meeting. Turns out it wasn’t quite the same yellow. Of course, then I realized that I think I finished off the first yellow when I bought mine! Anyway, I knew I could make it work, but I think it ended up Making the quilt!

And, I need pattern testers for the gator! If you are interested, please let me know!!!


Blueberries for Sal  by Chandra Wu

I am so loving being a part of and getting to know all these amazing women! Everyone is so talented! Two ladies really inspired me on how to finish my quilt! At the same meeting that my friend Kristen brought me the yellow fabric, Chandra inspired me with her fantastic use of different purples!


Red/White Scraps by Vicki Christensen

And when I saw Vickie’s quilt on IG, I loved the little pieces of red, which in turn inspired by little tiny pieced pieces around the quilt!


Pendleton Love by Carrie Franklin


Pink Paper by Allison Dutton

When you first got to Island Quilter on Vashon, where the show was on display (yes, sorry, it’s over…) You were greeted by these two fantastic quilts!

As you head around the shop, here are some more of the fantastic work!


My Sister’s Quilt by Sue Mariotti


Oval Dance by Katie Pedersen


1 + 1 = 10 by Amber Arnold


Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House by Patty Ladd


(un)intentional by Andrea Slusser


And I loved the group of blue and white! From top left around, Crazy for Blue by Rachel Pascual, Crossknot by Allison Dutton, Tsunamis Debris by Marilyn Lone and True Blue by Sandie Holtman


Granny Swooned by Megan Bloomquist


Mansfield Park by Patty Ladd


Unknown Journey by Debbie Jeske

I had to do a close up of Debbie’s quilting! I love the variegated thread on the white that bring out the green X’s!


I love this one, Albers’ Orange Chair by Martha Peterson! The red and white is perfect! But what caught me was the little chair! This is what I mean about my binary colors. Where she added the chair, I kept want to add a different color. Just a little pop! I love her chair!


And we’ve got Lost in the Stars by Charlotte Ennis Clark-Mahoney on the left and Binary Quilt ’13 by Lynne Shandley, on the right,  taking up the middle position!



11:40PM with Carl by Anna Boenish

Then we have Anna… I’m in LOVE with her quilts! So Inspiring! I want to make a quilt like hers, but I don’t think it would be the same! I just love them! And she hand quilts…. love….


Little Birds by Laurel Thom


Clarity by Alison Bezeley

And Valentine’s Day is coming up, what a better way to end than with this one from our friend Alison!

Which one is your favorite??


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