Go To Sew Tutorials

Go To Sew is the official blog of GoToPatterns.com, an online pattern store and is a collaborative effort to bring you the best in sewing tutorials, tips, and patterns. And I just so happen to be a monthly contributor! Yep! Little ‘ole me! In the company of some of the greatest seamstresses I know! It’s been a fun time raking my brain trying to come up with something fun and interesting to share each month! Below are my contributions to the Go To Sew blog! Check it out!

SewingBlocks-2013-DogBedSewingBlocks-2013-EnvelopePillowSewingBlocks-2013-Frankenzombie BagSewingBlocks-2013-fabricBuntingSewingBlocks-2013-LuggageTagSewingBlocks-2013-FrenchSeamPillowcasesCraftyBlocks-2013-FathersDayAwardSewingBlocks-2013-LaPetitePouchSewingBlocks-2013-PinkingShearsPouchSewingBlocks-2013-SuperheroCapeSewingBlocks-2013-StayPutScarf


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