Inside Out Pineapple Quilt Block- Free Pattern!

I made a new quilt block! Now, I’m not saying I’m the first one ever…. But I will also say I searched and searched to find this block and I couldn’t find it! So I made my own!


This block is for one of the quilts I’m working on this year! Our quilt guild, The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild, is doing another Block of the Month quilt this year. I’ve never done a medallion quilt. Honestly, it’s never crossed my mind. But my friend Allison, stepped up to organize the BOM this year and the medallion idea was what she came up with and I’m actually excited about it!


The idea for the center was to use a block from from our 2014 BOM suggestions. Then each month after there will be a new border. I decided to do the pineapple block. I was totally inspired by this Pique Pineapples with a Pinch of Pizzazz quilt by Nancy J. Didonato. But when I really looked at it and all the pineapple blocks out there, the square in the middle is little and the small part of the ‘pineapple’ is in the center. I wanted the block to be just the opposite!


So I made a pattern! And this one will be listed on my Craftsy site for free! Or you can get it here.


What would you make with this pattern? Would you make it more scrappy? The quilt I’m making is obviously going to be primarily green and white. I asked my husband what color he wanted. He said blue, but I said no since I’m already making him a blue and white quilt. Then he suggested orange. I thought ok, until I got to my sewing room and I wasn’t really excited about my oranges…. So it’s green and white! I also realized I am very much a solids kinda girl. As much as I love prints… I always seem to end up quilting with mostly solids!


I also had the center square dark green to start with. Then I had to take two blocks apart and switch out the green for the more yellow green and I think it adds a nice punch for the center of the quilt!





  1. Ooooh, I’m in LOVE! This reminds me of the bars on my cell phone when it’s charging! Love it! You out-did yourself on this one!

  2. The Last Unicorn says:

    Gorgeous, Grrl! That is a sweet block!

  3. Hey – This is a great block! I missed THE SMQG January meeting, so I’m not up to speed on what i will do for my medalion quilt, but looking forward to starting soon.

  4. Very fun block! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love this block and love the colors you chose!

  6. This turned out awesome!

  7. This is a really attractive block! I think it would look great with any pure color solid with a white background. It could also be interesting to use a gradient of a single color growing either lighter or darker as you move to the center. This could also look great with a background of low volume prints paired with vibrant prints. There are just so many possibilities!

  8. This is a great block, I’m so in awe of your creativity. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us. I do not know what I’m going to use for my center, I need to think about that. You’ve inspired me.

  9. Sarah Helene says:

    Wow! I like your design and LOVE the colors of bright greens! Your creative
    talents are shining — so post your completed quilt! BRAVO!

  10. Love this! I think it would look great with a low volume scrappy background. I like the freshness of your block too. Lots of options!

  11. I really love this block. I have made already some regular oineapple blocks, but could add this block right along with it. Will be fun.

  12. Is there more info with the block? Like sizes to cut? What about the narrow white piece?

    • The block doesn’t have cutting information. I know some people cut out their pieces first, but I cut as I go. So no, fabric cut sizes are not included in the pattern. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  13. kaholly says:

    This block is a stunner. I’m visiting from Rachel’s after seeing the finished quilt. You’re a genius!


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