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Just in time for Kids Clothes Week, someone is getting some new patterns!! Thank you again, Tia Dye Diva for this wonderful giveaway!



Now to what you’re waiting for… The Winner is….

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And here’s my traditional drum rolllllllll……

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Yea! little house on the dairy! You’re the Winner!


And thanks again to Tie Dye Diva for the awesome giveaway! Thank you!

Tie Dye Diva Intro and Giveaway!

I happy to introduce my newest affiliate sponsor, Tie Dye Diva Patterns!


Not too long ago, Jen contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in being an affiliate with her pattern shop. Of course I said yes! I took one look at her shop and was amazed with how many patterns she has. And they are so cute!


The majority of the patterns are for girls. And there are some cute ones! The fun thing for the little ladies is that a lot of the patterns also include a pattern for an 18″ doll! Matchey Matchey! I can’t wait to show you the Square Neck Dress I made! Stay tuned for that!


And of course, no pattern shop is complete without boy’s patterns too! I love the hoodie vest. Jen and I were chatting and there’s more boys patterns on the way! I can’t wait to see what she has in the works!!


Since Easter is coming soon, doesn’t every kid need a bunny hat? Jen has a fun selection of hat patterns, too. From baby to ladies and everything in between including a pattern with the bunny and other fun animals!


I’m not done…. There are stuffies and dolls!! I can’t believe it! She has everything! I sooooo want to make the peas in a pod stuffie! Isn’t it adorable???


The next pattern I want to make is the fingerless glove pattern. I got a cheap pair at Old Navy and they were cute for the first couple of days and then their cheapness showed through! So this is exactly what I need. I love fingerless gloves!

Please take a look and see what she has! I bet there is something there you’ll like. And while you’re there, go ahead and pick out your three favorites, because Jen is giving one lucky reader a 3 pack of patterns! Thank you Jen!!!

Ready to WIN three patterns? You have THREE ways to enter! And come back and leave a separate comment on this post for each entry.

1. Head to Tie Dye Diva’s Website  and tell us which pattern is your FAVORITE !. Leave one comment. (one entry)

2. I’m Feelin’ Crafty followers get another entry! Follow via email or RSS. Leave a second comment. (one entry)

3. Tweet, Facebook IG or blog about this giveaway and leave a third comment. (one entry)

That’s 3 possible entries! You must comment on this post to win. The giveaway will close on Monday, March 31st at 11:59 p.m. PST, and we’ll choose one winner using

This post contains affiliate links! All images are via Tie Dye Diva’s website. Thank you!

A Little Spring Cleaning!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring so I thought a little spring cleaning was in order! Change the blog a bit! Freshen her up!


What do you think of the new look? I kept the old graphics. Just spruced up the overall graphic. The other night I was headed to bed and was like, Hey, I have an idea… Sat back down and this is what happened! Since I’m obsessed with hexi’s, I thought that was a pretty fitting design!


If you were paying close attention on Monday I snuck in a little glimpse of the new do with my watermark on my pics. But I’m not sold on it…

Tonight I tried out this watermark… I want to keep it white, but I’ve always struggled with it fading into the background… I haven’t quite nailed down the watermark yet. Suggestions?


And the footer….

So what do you think about the new ‘do’? I’d love to hear… I’m debating what else needs to be revised…. Thanks!

The MQG Riley Blake Challenge

There are perks to being in a quilt guild for sure! Not to mention the friends you make, the amazing retreats you get to go on or even the great shows you can have…. But there’s free fabric involved too!!



This Riley Blake challenge was just that! A challenge! When the guild has fabric challenges the manufacturer will supply each member with a little bundle of fabrics. Typically I’ve gotten little adorable bundles of 6 to 8 fat eighths and then you can make something! You can use just what’s given or you can add it to depending on the challenge ‘rules’.


This challenge was hosted by Riley Blake using fabrics from their Basics Category.. I blindly signed up for the challenge before I had seen the fabrics. I actually really like all of them, but together? At first I was a bit stumped!


I kept putting it off because I had no idea what I was going to do with this little bundle sitting on my sewing table. Then, as I mentioned before, my husband said, ‘make a bag. You love bags.’ I do love bags and I had been wanting to make a big bag to carry my quilts around while I am binding them. Or to take to Show and Tell at our guild meetings…


So I set off to make a bag. I had had this design drawn a year ago with some flying geese, so I thought why not! I used this tutorial for no waste flying geese that I love!

The rules state that you can add more of the line or solids. So I did add solids. A bunch of solids. The orange to the outside and the inside is mostly solid teal and yellow.


I did add some solids and the zombie fabric also from Riley Blake. At our quilt guild retreat I had seen Carrie Ellens using this fabric in her Riley Blake challenge quilt, and I loved it so, I had to add some into mine. The day after I got home I went to one of my local shops (right down the hill from me, how convient) and picked up a little bit!





On the inside I added a couplke of quilting pockets. One for scissors and a seam ripper. And one with Velcro to hold my hair clips that I use for holding the binding in place.


I also added a little needle holder! Right now in my little quilting bag, I just stick them in the side and I have found myself getting stuck. I’m hoping this will help!


I wanted the bag to be big, but I wasn’t actually planning on it being this big! But I think it will work for what I need.


I can’t decide if I like the front or the back best!

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And the last day of Kids Clothes Week!


This whoel city has been Seahawks crazy this week! So to get a shirt, it was either super expensive or a lot of lines… So I found a little green tee, but it was kinda big!




But I got it for 3 bucks, took it home and took it in!


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been a bit of quilting obsessed and haven’t been sewing for the kiddo much. So this project is a quick and easy one! Just taking in the shirt and printing a seahawk logo on an iron on and…






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do Good Stitches Swap

As you know, I’m a quilter in the Nurture Circle of do Good Stitches quilting bee. We make quilts all year and then take off the months on November and December. So this year, I thought a fun way to thank ourselves for all of our hard work and get to know each other a little bit better was to have a little swap!


So we did! We could tell our partner if we wanted a holiday themed gift or not!


My partner said she’d like something other than holiday and a mug rug seemed to be of interest to her. So…. That’s what I did!


And I tried out the quilt as you go technique from Stitched in Time’s blog (fitting since she runs the do Good Stitches bee!, huh?). Loved it! It’s a great technique for small quilts or mug rugs! And I guess it is for big quilts too, but I haven’t tried that yet. Oh! But I just had an idea of when I’m going to try it on a big quilt!!! OK, I got off track there! So you start with the your block size batting. I quilted down my middle piece by stitching around the buildings and then you sew on a piece, fold over iron and then quilt it. Then repeat with one piece after another! Love it! Did I say that already?


And I had another success with machine binding! Yeah! It can be hit or miss with this and I was pretty happy with it this time!


I didn’t have a preference for holiday or not, but I did mention that my holiday colors were more of the bright green, pink and blue. and I received this adorable wall hanging from my partner, Debbie of Tweety-Bee Stitches.


The shutters actually open and close! It’s too cute! We have it hanging with the other Christmas art!

A Simple Dog Bed Tutorial for Go To Sew

One of my things to sew on my holiday list was a dog bed!


I have a simple tutorial, hopefully using what you have on hand, to make a little dog bed at Go To Sew! Check it out and see a little pic of our pup!


And the MyArtsi Winner is….

Thanks to everyone for your interest in the MyArtsi Giveaway!



Now to what you’re waiting for… The Winner is….

drumrollplease1 copy

And here’s my traditional drum rolllllllll……

Comment #9!



Yea! Vicki! You’re the Winner!


And thanks again to MyArtsi for the awesome giveaway! Thank you! I know there’s going to be one happy girl!

Shopping for Sewing Deals?

I have some deals for ya! Are you a Black Friday shopper???? I’m SOOO NOT! Although I am curious about what it’s like out there… But… Not so curious that I’m going to venture out there into the craziness!

Nope I’m staying home and sewing. And if you are too, you’re going to love these deals from some of my favorite pattern designers, Blank Slate Patterns (affiliate link) and Peek a Boo Pattern Shop (affiliate link)!


Blank Slate Patterns (affiliate link) is having a rare sale! (I’ve never seen them on sale before. Have you?) Get 2 Patterns for $10 with the code BLACKFRIDAY.

This code will only work on 2 patterns; if you want more than two you’ll have to check out more than once. For patterns priced more than $7.95, the discount is $5.90 per two patterns. Paper patterns excluded. Sale is good through the end of the day today, Black Friday.


Remember my Cargo Pants I made? The are from Blank Slate Patterns (affiliate link). The kiddo has been wearing them and we get compliments on them every time he wears them! I have a couple more of her patterns that I can’t wait to try!


And the lovely Peek a Boo Pattern Shop (affiliate link)! This is their biggest sale of the year! You can save 25% on any purchase with the code “Jolly25″ or 40% on any purchase of 5 or more patterns with the code “Jolly40″. The sale ends Saturday at midnight on 11/30.


As you probably have figured out, her Winter PJ pattern (affiliate link) has been my go to pattern for costumes these days! And for Christmas, there will be real pj’s also made from the Winter PJ pattern (affiliate link)!

What pattern are you going to get??? It is going to be a Blank Slate Patterns (affiliate link) or a Peek a Boo Pattern Shop (affiliate link)!? Or both? I say both! Let me know! Maybe we can challenge each other to sew them!

A Couple of Wednesday WIPs!

I was realizing the other day that I took the Process Pledge, but lately I’ve only been showing things finished. Some things take longer than others, as you know! And these two projects are taking a while!


The first one is my gator quilt.


At the moment I’m kinda obsessed with looking at origami animals and translating them into my own quilt blocks! It all started with the little fox skirt and pattern I used. But now, I’m making my own!


I wasn’t going to do a gator, but then I got this fabric and I knew I needed to make a gator! And so far I’m really liking it!


I was going to do circles for eyes, but I couldn’t get them perfect so I switched gears. I decided to piece them together like I’ve done for everything else. Ends up that I love them this way. Plus I’m going to making 2 more gators, each one smaller then the other, so I knew that the circles would just get harder!


The second quilting project I’m working on is my Halloween quilt. Working on the finishing up the binding now. I know it’s late for Halloween! Actually, I’m going to say it’s so early for Halloween! And I should be done for next October!


I’ve had this fabric for about as long (if not longer) than I’ve had my kiddo! I love the panel, but have never worked with panels, so wasn’t sure what to do with it. I figured it though.


Yep, it has another animal quilt block in it designed by yours truly! More about this one closer to Halloween! I’m leaving you on the edge of your seat I know!

What are you working on?

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