January doGood Stitches Quilt

This is my first doGood Stitches post for the year! WOW!


Have you seen the Forest Quilt Along Quilt hosted by Shape Moth? It’s precious! But A LOT of work! Each block is either an animal or forest plant. For our group, we each got to choose one block. And then Kat from Kat and Cat Quilts pieced them. I choose the fox! I’ve been wanting to make the fox for a long time. So I jumped on it!


I do love how she put all the pieces together. And the triangle piece going through, but tying it all together at the same time.



My block was pretty straight forward. I picked the Maple Fox by Sewing Under the Rainbow. But some of our bee mates blocks were not so straightforward. Some of the blocks the instructions were very confusing on how to actually put the paper pieced sections together. The fox is pretty easy in that sense. From what I hear, all the blocks are time consuming. But don’t they look great!? It’s a great BOM project for sure.


You can see the fun quilting and someone added eyes to the little fox! Smart thinking!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make the fox, Kat!



Wild Kratts Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone for your interest in the Wild Kratts Giveaway! I’m surprised there wasn’t more interest, but I’m assuming everyone was so excited that you just went ahead and bought your own! If not, you can here.


I’m thinking that my readers with Wild Kratts kids aren’t local. Good to know!  Now to what you’re waiting for… The Winner is….

drumrollplease1 copy

And here’s my traditional drum rolllllllll……

Comment #2!


via Random.org

Yea! meg! You’re the Winner!


And thanks again to Wild Kratts for letting us share our tickets with one of our readers!

And if you don’t have tickets, order yours today!

The show is at

McCaw Hall at Seattle Center

Sunday, September 25, 2016 • 1pm & 5PM (1PM is basically sold out so all links will be for the 5PM show going forward)


Finish Along Quarter 3 2016


Yep, you guessed it… My list is going to look pretty similar! And it’s long again… I am making some changes though….Ready for this? OK. First up… and it will be my first finish from this list becuase I’m quilting it tonight…. The Weight of Love quilt from Libs Elliot. I’d also like to get […]

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A Memory Quilt Using the Complete Quilt Design Planner


Remember the Friendship Bracelet quilt that I finished not long ago? Well, originally I agreed to test Blair Stocker’s, AKA WiseCraft, pattern to make a memory quilt. Very quickly I realized that wasn’t going to work for that pattern. Then she asked me to test another pattern, The Complete Quilt Design Planner Pattern. I was one, […]

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SMGQ First Giving Quilt for 2016


This year my friend Debbie and I are the co-Chairs for the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s Giving Committee! We have decided to shoot for 6 quilt designs this year. Some of those designs are lending themselves to more than one quilt, so we don’t know how many finished quilts we’ll end up with! When we took […]

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June Blocks for Nurture Circle- Quilts for Fort McMurray


I haven’t posted about any of our do.Good quilts this year, but I’m skipping ahead to the June blocks! For the June blocks we decided to switch from our regular charity to do the maple blocks that were called for for the Quilts for Fort McMurray. I know with all the devastation in Orlando, the deadline […]

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Wild Kratts! Live in Seattle!


I’m interrupting my usual scheduled crafty and quilty posts for some local family fun! The Wild Kratts are coming! Live and In Person in Seattle! Yea! The wildly popular PBS KIDS® television show, WILD KRATTS, is coming to the live stage. Wild Kratts LIVE! will be at McCaw Hall at Seattle Center for two shows […]

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SMQG BOM May Blocks

For this month I’ve been working on quilting my Seattle Modern Quilt Guild BOM a bit more, but I also added a new ‘row’ Excuse my photo editing… Something doesn’t look right, but oh well… You can see the bottom row is this months project. The prompt was sewing with scraps. When I make a […]

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My New Thread Catcher

Honestly, I usually just throw my threads on the floor and then sweep it up when I’m done…. But the other day the kiddo and I went to the local paint your own pottery place, Emerald City Fired Arts, and I needed a project since he was making two…. So I decided to paint this […]

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Technicolor Galaxy Quilt Update

I took a LONG break from this one and finally got it back out! I finally finished the outer circle. It’s 3 blocks, 4 times… 12 blocks. I did take some liberties on these blocks! The first one I did was supposed to be orange peels… But I hated them… I tired to do them […]

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