Seattle MQG Block of the Month Progress

I’m still loving the Block, or more fitting, the Border of the Month Quilt we’re doing with our local Modern Quilt Guild!


You may notice something different… I took a little detour before adding on the new blocks! I decided to quilt it as I go. Yep, I love a little QAYG action! All the little crosses were the May Border! Between the quilting and the May border, I have been working on this one A LOT lately!


I started quilting in the middle and did four sets of spirals over the first few months borders. It took a lot longer then anticipated, but I love how the spirals contrast with the Inside Out Pineapple Block!


For the March and April borders, I let the March block angle inspire the quilting.



And then comes the May border! Man! Time consuming for sure! But I love it! We used the Raspberry Kiss Block from Wooden Spoon Quilts. I was stumped on the quilting for this border though. So I continued to use Rachel for inspiration and quilted the border the same way that she quilted her Raspberry Kiss Pillow.  I used the cross to quilt a grid along the border.


I’m a little biased, but I think it looks pretty good so far!


And then I added the June border….


I’m not sure about this one… I like the border, but am worried it needs more of the white… I was trying to bring back the look of the green solid borders from earlier in the year. I haven’t quilted it yet, so I could replace it. But I don’t know if I want to do that either. Part of me tells myself to stick with my original plan and it will all work out in the end. Part of me tells myself to replace it…. Hmmmmm….


I’m just not sure if the green on green border is too heavy…. We’ll see if I change it. But for now, I’ll leave you in suspense! And I’m off to design the next border!




  1. Jenniffer says:

    Quilt looks great with that orange it just pops.Since you are doing the QAYG method have you added the back already or adding it later?

  2. Catherine S. says:

    this is a stunning quilt. I love your green/green border with touch of orange. Keep it please!!

  3. Sarah Helene says:

    This duo-greens pattern/design for your border looks FAB as does the squares of bright orange placed in 4 corners and here and there! Looking at the inner 2 rows are more sections of white, not symmetrical, but the same in the diagonals. Cool as it’s not a rigid design with exact colors in each and every square pattern. This adds pizzazz to the “whole!” I’d say: BRAVO, as it is now, Stephanie! I LOVE the total look — finished to perfection, indeed! Sarah
    in Minneapolis

  4. oh my gosh! I love yours so much! You are being so creative with it and now it’s half quilted!! Awesome!

    • Thanks! I don’t feel like I’m being very creative, though! I love love love solids, but sometimes I feel like they aren’t very creative! but I’m finding I’m pretty much a solid kinda of gal!

  5. Wow, this looks amazing!! And I love the latest green border – hope you decide to keep it!

  6. I really like how yours is turning out!

  7. This is fantastic! I really love your color choices and those pops of orange. It looks great the way it is 🙂 I wonder how replacing the outer dark green and light green strip with a solid white strip would change it.

  8. Great looking project! I like the way the white and orange honor the green. What fun ideas you have!


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