Letterpress Calendar, revealed…

Finally! I got it all photographed and put together. My Calendar! My first ever attempt at linoleum cutting and printing.

“Snacks and Naps For the Year 2011”

The calendar project is a project I collaborated on with thirteen great artists. I should say 15, including the printers. Thirteen artists carved illustrations in linoleum blocks. We then turned them over to the 2 printers and the calendars were printed on a Vandercook proofing press under the guidance of Master Printer Lynda Sherman at Bremelo Press in Seattle by Kyle Hanson. The month names are vintage woodcuts and the dates are perpetual calendar 18 point metal type. And together we produced a beautiful “Snacks and Naps For the Year 2011” wall calendar.

This was my first ever attempt at lino cuts. I decided to make mine with the image as white space and the background as dark. Then I tried to print it. No luck, what-so-ever! But the two printers were amazing and said no problem. And here is what became of my lino cut…

My image is from a photo of my son napping while dressed as Max, King of the Wild Things!

The calendars are printed on assorted colors of a high-cotton content, acid-free paper from Canson. The pages, 6 inches wide by 8.5 inches high, are loosely bound to a bookboard backer with black elastic bands.




Cover   Curtis Taylor

January   Magda Baker

February   Emily Forland

March   Gigi Grinstad

April   Saya Moriyasu

May   Molly Magai

June   Sedora DeBondt


July  Sara Varon  

August   Clyde Petersen

September   Nine Frenkel  

October   Louise Wackerman

November Michael Getz

 December  Aya Kakeda

Calendars are ready for shipping in my etsy store.


  1. Beautiful! I love it. Makes me want to join your group!

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