A Vertical Starfish Garland DIY

Don’t be too sad, but I hate to say it…. This is my last Christmas present post! Yes, February is halfway over and I’m still chatting about Christmas!


This was a gift for my mom who loves everything beach inspired. And who reads the blog, so I couldn’t write about it before Christmas!


I saw this picture of the vertical starfish garland in Coastal Living in the December issue and pulled the ‘ole, ‘I can make that!’ I immediately tore the page out so I wouldn’t forget. And yes, I do subscribe to Coastal Living. On accident! It was also a present for my mom last year, but I accidentally got my mom and myself an issue. Instead of canceling, I’ve really enjoyed it! Now to decide if I resubscribe??? I already have some more DIY ideas for the beach house (or my mom…).


So off to work I went in my little Christmas workshop! I had the rope left over from our pirate party and some starfish still left over from our wedding. I had given most of them to my mom to decorate her house, so I did have to ask her to bring some back for me to make her present! HA!


Originally I was planning on using just one piece of the rope, but then realized a little more simpler approach! I measured out the length I wanted between the stars and then hot glued the one long length of rope to the back of the starfish. Then I went back around each one and wrapped the rope around the top of it. So it looks like one continuous rope, but… It’s not!


I wonder if she’ll hang it at her house or the beach house??? hmmmm….


It would be fun for an Under the Sea party, too, Huh??? Just a little something different than the typical garland!


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  1. This is beautiful! It would also look great hanging over a mantel too! Also, I just noticed you have a “grab button” and I do too! Would you grab my button and I can grab yours? Let me know! Thanks!

  2. Although I have nothing ‘beachy’ in our home, I love the starfish garland you made for your Mom. She’s very fortunate to be on your Christmas list!! You are truly “crafty” in a GOOD way! p.s. Missed MAX in this post. 🙂

  3. That’s ok… starfish work nearly any time of year. I love ’em!

    ❤ Christina @ I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original link party is open.

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