‘Gator Quilt Blog Hop- Crafty Shenanigans Sneak Peak

I can’t believe we’re already nearing the end of the ‘Gator quilt Blog Hop!! Today is our last guest…. Sad but true! Yall will just have to start making them so I can show off reader’s talents!

Gator closeup (2)

Today’s guest is Amy from Crafty Shenanigans! Amy says that she’s a chocoholic living in London England.  When she tried paper piecing for the first time( think it was 2011) she cried (real crocodile tears) out of frustration but persevered and now LOVE LOVE LOVE paper piecing.  The more complex the better for her now! And it shows!

Amy and I first met in a swap! Those flickr swaps that I love doing!  I was her swap partner…  The funny thing was, in this swap she wasn’t my first partner. I had someone else for a like a day, but there was a pet allergy involved and they switched me to be Amy’s partner instead. BUT.. I had been a flickr follower of her’s before that. At first, I was trying to figure a way to not be her partner. Totally intimidated!  I was like, but what am I going to make for her??? she’s awesome!! I was totally nervous!!!

Be sure to check out Amy’s blog for more on her ‘Gator! You’ve got to get a better look at how perfect her fabric and quilting is!

AlligatorQuilt Cover-sm


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