Crafty at the beach!

Well, first off a thank you to my cousin Katherine who let me borrow her sewing machine. If I hadn’t had that I wouldn’t have been able to finish the quilt or do my other projects.

I made my first no iron project! I made a beach bag from an old tablecloth that we’d used for years at the beach house. And I didn’t iron it once during the project. I don’t think I’ve ever not ironed something while sewing! Oh, and yes, I put my Mom to work on this project as well. I had her sew the straps and top stich them while I pulled the strap right side out!

Then I made Baby Maci some blocks out of the extra quilt fabric that didn’t get used in the quilt. I had made a couple of test owls and was going to throw them away when another project came to mind. I can use these with the rest of this fabric for blocks. So that’s what I did. And to keep with the theme of putting other people to work on my projects, Aunt Jenn and Uncle Frank helped stuff the blocks while I sewed them closed!

My first quilt!

I was able to finish the baby quilt for April and Baby Maci the day after Baby Maci was born. With the help of my Mom and one of her friends. The quilt was ready, but they helped me hand stich the binding. Not a huge fan of the hand stiching part!

The story is…. At the baby shower everyone brings a piece of fabric for the quilt. Then I took all the pieces and made the quilt. Pretty cool idea! (I didn’t come up with the idea!)

I wish I had kept track of how long it took me, becuase everyone kept asking. I’m thinking about 20 hours, but I really don’t know….

My first quilt was a success! Now I have to get Baby Owen’s quilt done. Unfotunately, he’s already a month old…. But in my defence, I was still getting fabric for that one a few days before he was born! 🙂