Quick and Easy Bunting Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to make a tutorial for the Dragonland bunting I made, because it was a spur of the moment, super fast decoration! Well, today is Halloween and yesterday I decided to make a last minute Halloween bunting decoration. So the tutorial is in Halloween fabrics, but of course can be anything! It’s an almost no sew decoration. Almost…


Background fabric

Fabric Scraps for Letters

Fusible Adhesive, like Steam to Seam or Heat’n Bond Ultra

Double Fold Bias Tape

Printed Letters



Pinking Rotary Cutter

Step 1:

Cut out the flags. Here’s the pattern I use, but of course, you can make the triangles any shape you want!

Step 2:

Iron on the Fusible Adhesive to the back side of the Fabric Scraps.

Step 3:

Cut the letters out of fabric.

Step 4:

Remove the paper from the Fusible Adhesive (Although this may seem obvious, I sometimes forget this step and iron and can’t figure out why the letters aren’t sticking!). Iron letters to the flags.

Step 5:

Pin flags into the bias tape. I start at the center of the bias tape and the center of the middle letter and work my way out. I also overlap my letter about one inch or so (not a needed detail necessarily, but it’s what I do!).

Step 6:

Sew the bias tape and flags together.

Step 7:

Show off your new bunting!

The forecast today was for a super rainy gloomy Halloween. Seems fitting for a bunhc of ghosts and goblins… It has turned out to be beautiful and we’re on our way to trick or treating. I can’t wait to share our little ones Halloween costume!


  1. […] thing to hang in the house or give as a baby gift (or any sort of gift for that matter)! I made a bunting a LONG time ago and I made it too big! But this version is a smaller one with a little something […]

  2. […] made a bunting a LONG time ago and I made it too big! But this version is a smaller one with a little something […]

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