Party in DragonLand

All the posts about the dragon wings were leading up to something bigger than just a pair of dragon wings for my kiddo. We were planning a dragon themed birthday for our two year old with all sorts of dragon fun. Including dragon wings for everyone. Well, the kiddos at least. Although there were some parents who wanted thier own. (You know who you are!)

I am working on my first ever tutorial for the dragon wings. Hopefully I can post that really really soon….

And we had a cave and dragons thanks to Dad’s craftiness….

And last but not least, our other fun and crafty activity was dragon eggs! We had some trouble making these. We followed a recipe from online, but it didn’t really work out for us… 

The recipe called for:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup used coffee grounds
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1/4 cup craft sand or sandbox sand
  • 3/4 cup warm, not hot, water
  • small plastic dragons
  • And then cook the eggs at 125 degrees for about 25 minutes.

    A few things happened… We couldn’t get it to form the dough that it was supposed to form into, so our eggs were a gooey pile of the mush with a dragon sticking out! We cooked them anyway and they got harder, but they were still a bit playdough like. So we were able to mold the eggs and then bake them again at 300 for a while, probably about a half hour. 

    We made a few other alterations… We needed a lot more mix to make our eggs. But we didn’t have any more used coffee grounds so we had to ditch that ingredient. We’d start with the recipe portions, but added more dirt and flour until we got to a thick, gooey cookie dough like consistency dough. At this point we’d form the eggs as close to an egg shape as possible, bake them, shape them again and bake again…

    I didn’t keep track of the actual portions, but maybe I’ll make another batch and do a tutorial about that too…  hmmmm…. 

    However we got them made, the kids didn’t care. They only cared about hatching them to find their baby dragons inside! Dad made a table with a water box to soften the egg for the hatching process. The kids loved, loved, loved this.



    1. It’s so coool!!!! My daughter loves this . : ) Me too!!

    2. These are simply awesome! Get on that tutorial and let us know when it’s posted!

      • lwackerman says:

        Thanks! I will! Any tips on tutorials? This is my first one…. Love your blog and getting the facebook updates, such cool things every time.

    3. Oh how wonderful… I just found your post. My son wants a dragon birthday when he turns five years old – in May. I`m so glad to find so many great ideas. I will sew the dragon wings for sure!!
      Thank you so much

    4. my son would LOVE How to Train Your Dragon is his FAVORITE-EST move EVER! did you do the tutorial for the wings? I just bought him a pair of sunglasses at walmart shaped like toothless’ pokey things on his head and his eyes in the middle…he loves them.

    5. these are AWSOME!! I REALLY want to make the eggs and the wings! …. where did you get the small plastic dragons? I’m having trouble finding ones that aren’t like $3 each…

    6. This is so cute! My son and daughter use to love watching that show. I can’t find it anymore. Those wings look so cute and fun to play with. I can’t wait for the tutorial. Thanks for linking up to Party Time on Moms & Munchkins and we hope to see you next week!

    7. Oh wow, that is AWESOME. I think I’d be one of the adults who wanted some of those wings 😉 amazing work, the kids must have absolutely loved it!


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