Sew Ready to Play with Cook Clean Craft

I’m very excited to have Narelle from Cook Clean Craft joining us today!  I remember exactly how I met Narelle. I had found her Men’s Jeans to Toddler Pants tutorial a while back.  During my first stab at Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge I made them and of course posted them on the KCWC Flickr page. She saw them and commented on what  lovely job I had done with them.  I was relatively new to blogging at the time, so was super excited to have her respond! Now this doesn’t really go with the sewing theme we’re working on this week, but the other thing I will always remember about her blog is the amazing Quick Pesto BBQ Chicken Mini Quiche recipe. I read it and part of me thought it sounded horrible, but the other part of me said, let’s give it a try. And it’s amazing!!!! Absolutely amazing, you have to try it!

Let’s welcome Narelle!

Childhood games: oh, the memories. Having a brother 4 years older than me meant games were not evenly matched and most ended up with me like this:

(Note: that’s not me, she’s my daughter.)

But there was one game that we played happily together (and with any number of other people of all ages). While some skill was required, the youngest to the oldest had a good chance of winning, and everyone had fun:


While Little Man is too young to play, I thought some UNO shorts to romp around in this summer would be fun.


The shorts were made using a simple, flat-front shorts pattern in black drill fabric. Felt appliques and white bias tape made up the UNO card details.


The applique designs were based on the original UNO cards (Why do they need to modernise these things?). The right-hand side for each leg is curved to match the old-school card design, giving a great retro feel to the shorts.

A wild card on the front (because most 2.5 year old boys are a little wild), and reverse (pun intended) and three (since they’re size 3) cards on the back.
A fun addition to a boy’s summer wardrobe!

For more details, head over to Cook Clean Craft. Thanks for having me Louise and inspiring me to create such cute shorts for Little Man!


  1. look at those little eyes at the bottom photo! so cute!! 🙂 I love boy patterns cant wait until our little guy is big enough for these we’ll have to archive it 😉 thanks for sharing!

  2. I. Love. These. Uno has always been one of my favorite games. We played it a ton as a family when I was growing up. Seeing these shorts bring back fond memories. 🙂

  3. navywifeypeters says:

    I haven’t played Uno in years, but it used to be a game that I’d play with my parents all the time, and these shorts brought back so many memories! Totally cute, clever, and unique!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday


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  2. […] I’m Narelle from Cook Clean Craft. After making UNO shorts for Sew Ready to Play last year (I still love them and they still fit – yay!), I really had to […]

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