Smash! It’s the Incredible Hulk!

Rrrrrr…. Smash… Hulk Smash…


In case you are still wondering why I made purple fleece shorts… It was the first step in the Incredible Hulk costume the kiddo was wanting!


I knew I was going to make a hulk costume, but I originally just started out with the idea of making green pj’s and the purple shorts. Remember? The kiddo needs pj’s. Then last weekend I was at a fifth birthday party and was talking about it to this other mother about Halloween costumes. When I told her we were thinking the Hulk, she asked how I was going to do the muscles. I was like, ‘nah… I’m not doing muscles!’ And explained the whole need for new pj’s thing to her. Then she gave me this disgusted look, like, ‘You’re not doing muscles?’ I don’t even know this woman, but, oh yeah, the challenge is ON.


The challenge is on and I’m making muscles, but I’m also stubborn and I’m sticking to my PJ’s plan! I started the whole costume using the Alex and Anna Winter PJ’s pattern (affiliate link) from Peek a Boo Patterns (affiliate link). Super easy pattern! Without muscles you could put this together in a flash! (Ha! I used the same pattern for our flash costume! Get it! I crack myself up!)


You want to know how I’m going to do muscles, lady??? I’ll show you exactly how I’m going to do muscles!


I started with one of the kiddos Spider Man costume full of muscles and traced/enlarged the muscles. Easy! The original costume was a size 3ish and I needed to enlarge the muscles to about a 5ish. You can print my patterns here.


Next I cut them out. On the fold. You’ll need 2 of the 6 pack abs and 4 of the shoulder muscles.


Start sewing! I put a straight stitch along the bottom line of the mucsles. Then I did my edge stitch (technically a stretch stitch) around the edge, leaving a hole in the top for stuffing. I’m only showing the shoulder, but I did the saem tthing for the abs.




Now I don’t know what this tool is technically called, but I call it a roller marker. I rolled it over the muscle shapes on the sleeves (and abs) to know where to sew.


Now it’s hard to see this, but I followed up my roller markings with an erasable pen.


Then pin in the mucles and align with the edge of the sleves and chest.


Sew the muscle shapes. (yes, I forgot to take a picture of the muscles before I put it all together.) And then put the pieces all together following the pattern (affiliate link) directions!


Not long ago I found this Hulk mask for a super steal and knowing how much the kiddo likes super heros, I grabbed it even though he’s never said all that much about the Hulk. But as soon as he got it, he told us he needed the costume to go with it! It’s actually kinda creepy, because the eyes are clear and light up, so you totally see his eyes, but with the face of the Hulk!


Hulk Smash! The costume has already been well loved! We’re still a little on the edge of our seats waiting to see if The Flash or the Hulk visit us on Halloween!

Are you making costumes this year?

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  1. EEEEK, it’s the Incredible Hulk! Now this is the best one yet — LOVE IT! I laughed so hard at the pic with your son’s hulk mask on, what a ham he is! Man, you are getting so good at these PJ super hero outfits! Keep up the great work!

  2. boy you are the master of kid costumes! Glad you took on the challenge – what fun for your boy!

    • Thank you! Joe told me that on Halloween, on the way home from school, Max asked him if he thought I could make him a zombie costume after I got home from work and before trick or treating! Joe said no! 🙂 I’m glad I took on her challenge as well!

  3. This is so wonderful! Great pictures! Nice work…

  4. Is there any chance you’re ready to sell this costume? My almost 4 year old is dying to be Hulk and I adore your version of the pajamas/costume!

  5. Joanna L. says:

    Hi! Do you have a link for your muscle pattern? My son is going to be the Hulk for Halloween this year and I love the way yours turned out! Hopefully mine will be half as nice as yours!

  6. Stephanie Ng says:

    Do you still have the pattern? I am looking forward to making my son a batman costume for halloween. Can you email it to me?

  7. Kristin Baker says:

    Hello! Do you custom make these by chance??? My son wants to be the hulk for Halloween this year, but he will NOT wear the usual costumes you find in stores with the one piece rompers and masks. The last 2 years he has fought me on putting on costumes and either cried the entire time or just wore part of the costume. Like last year he was a puppy dog, supposed to be with shoe covers and a slip on plush belly. He wore brown pants, a brown shirt and the puppy head piece for a little while and that’s it. I CANNOT find anything that is just a pants and shirt costume that looks like the real deal. I even looked on Etsy for anything handmade and no luck there. My mother came across this picture and it’s perfect!!! So thought I would take the chance and see if you custom made this item for a Halloween costume. I cannot sew, nor do I have a sewing machine so I can’t do something awesome like this myself. Thank you!!!!

    • Hi there! Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, this year I don’t think I can. September is crazy. Let me think about it and check back in closer to the end of September. I’ll have a better handle on my time then.

      • I completely understand! Thank you so much though! I was going to try and attempt to print off the patterns you included and try to do it myself, but I’m a little confused. I don’t understand how to make the stomach muscles work with only two of them. I guess I’m confused on what I’m folding and how that works. Like I said, I’m not very crafty on these types of things and don’t even have a sewing machine. I’d have to do it all by hand lol. I’m going to attempt to try and make it work, but I’m not making myself any promises 🙂 If something changes, please let me know. I do appreciate it! Thank you!

      • I’m hoping you were able to make it work!!!

  8. This is perfect! How did you attach to the shirt? Did you sew an entire muscle pocket then sew the lines to make muscle shapes? I’m trying to do something similar (for batman) but am using a store bought shirt. Thanks for inspiration!

    • First I made the muscle ‘pillows’, then traced the outline of the muscles onto the fabric, then sew-ed the ‘pillows’ onto the t-shirt stitching over the muscle markings I made. Hope that helps! Good Luck!

      • That is just the comment I was looking for!! Thank you for following up on this older post. 🙂 my son is so excited to be the Hulk! I couldn’t tell for sure from the photos if the muscles were outside or inside the shirt, and if he is wearing them for pajamas in the future, I figured it must be sewn on, not loosely attached like the spiderman costume appears to be. Thank you so much!!

      • No problem!! Hope yall had a great Halloween!

      • Thanks so much! I ended up using your pattern, but modified the steps to use his actual shirt as the back side of the muscles. I first traced your pattern on some fabric (I used my husband’s old white undershirt so that I could put the fabric underneath and actually trace it). Then, I cut out the pattern leaving 1″ on all sides, using pinking shears. Then sewed outline except a hole, stuffed, then sewed all the muscle rips. It turned out adorable! Your pattern helped me so so much! I couldn’t have done it without your pattern. Can I attach a few pictures?

      • Awesome! I’m glad you were able to use this pattern! I’d love to see pictures, but I don’t think you vcan attach here. You can email me at imfeelincrafty at gmail dot com. I’d love to see!

  9. I saw a question last year about making this for someone and was just wondering if you are able to possibly do one this year? My son would love this but I am not crafty at all. 🙂

  10. Charlotte says:

    I’m going to attempt this with a purple crop top and skirt to make she-hulk for my little girl. She’s only 2.5 but playschool are having superhero week, with her temper it’s just too tempting!

  11. Hello u did and awesome job!!! I was wondering if u could make one for my 8month old..we doing advergers this year…let me know if u could help and how much..TIA 😊

  12. Darling Nikki says:

    Hello there- thank you so much for putting this tutorial online! I’m in the process of making this right now and I’ve come to a stopping point (mostly due to my own oblivion/stupidity). So I’ve got a silly question, if you’ve got a minute: when you finally sew the muscles into the pajamas, do you do so on the outside or the inside of the shirt? It looks like you sew it on the inside but you uncertainty prompted me to ask. Forgive me- this is my first sewing machine project! Thanks again!

  13. This costume is so amazing! I found this post when my son asked me to buy a Hulk costume, and I told him “we can make it”.
    I followed your instructions with some variations (my son needed a fist), you can see the result in my blog. (I added in my post a link to yours).

  14. Any chance you’d be willing to make one for a 4 year old and sell it?! This is by far the best hulk costume I’ve seen!!!! And this is a serious request!!

  15. Cute costume and model! Thank you for figuring out a way to make this Hulk costume — you’ve saved me some time trying to figure it all out, especially with the muscles.

  16. Will you make me one of these?? Please?? How much?

  17. I thought when I pinned this that there was a link to another blogger with instructions to make the smash hands. Am I going crazy?!

  18. jennyfamtastic says:

    Thanks for creating this awesome Shirt and outfit! My son is a huge fan 😉 I actually just posted on my own blog about sewing a Hulk outfit and of course included links back to I’m Feelin’ Crafty and your awesome muscle patterns! Thanks again!!

  19. First of all, your hulk looks incredible! I never new peek a boo patterns existed until I came across this post. I love your the muscle pattern and instructions. They were so easy to follow. I wish I could add a photo. I have one SUPER happy 5 year old red hulk. And his sister is going to be a green she hulk. Can’t thank you enough!!

  20. Retha Botha says:

    You are a life saver! This granny does not believe in buying my little angels expensive electronic gifts, instead I sew up whatever fantasy costume they ask for. Boy, they love challenging me! One little “angel” told me with a smirk: I want Hulk, WITH the muscles! I just said: No problem.. then frantically searched the Net. You are genius! Thanks a lot from South Africa….


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