It’s a Jellyfish, No it’s a Tag Doll, No it’s a Tutorial. Or is it All Three???

What can it be?

A: A tag doll.

B: A ribbon doll.

C: A jellyfish

D: All of the Above.

If you guessed D, You’re right! Congratulations! Yea, for you! Give yourself a pat on the back!!! Did the title give it away???

OK, I’ve been talking a lot about my friend that was here and motivated me to get those dragon wings posted on etsy. Well, she has a two-year old daughter who is addicted to tags! I made her a ghostie and I’m sure she loves it, but it doesn’t get played with very often because of the lack of tags…. While she was here, she didn’t want to wear her shoes because she found a tag on them. And one day we were at the zoo and noticed she was all tangled about in her shirt. She had found a tag on the bottom side of the shirt! In order to fix this we decided she needed a little tag stuffie. Of course my friend just wanted a something simple, but I had to make it into something a little more…. A jellyfish!

Still super simple, don’t worry! Let me show you how (I know your expecting that, huh?)

Step 1: Gather materials. Fleece, or any soft fabric for the jellyfish body. Ribbon, of course, pins, pattern, stuffing and a cutting tool.

Step 2: Cut out the top pieces. You need 6. I used 3 colors, so I cut 2 of each color.

Step 3: Sew three of the top pieces together. Repeat.

Step 4: Then sew the 2 pieces of the top together. I also added a little ribbon tag here in case you want to hang the jellyfish. And don’t forget to leave a little hole in the side somewhere to pull the everything through.

Step 5: Cut the bottom circle. Fold the bottom fabric in half and then in half again. I used a plate as a guide for the circle. If you use my pattern pieces for the side, you’ll need a circle with a radius of 4.5″.

Step 6: Pin on the ribbon tags to the bottom circle. As many or as little as you’d like. I cut my ribbon between 2 and 4 inches and folded in half for the tags. I spaced mine about an inch or so apart.

Step 7: Pin on the ribbons to the bottom of the circle. If you have decorated ribbon, pin so the wrong sides of the ribbon and bottom circle are together. I put 2 ribbons between each tag.

Step 8: Pin the top to the bottom and stuff all the ribbons inside the body.

Step 9: Sew around the edge of the circle. Go slowly! You end up with a ton of pins, and you’ll more than likely be sewing over a few here and there. So I went very slowly.

Step 10: Pull all the ribbons and the jellyfish through the hole so that it’s right side out. Careful! Remember how I mentioned that you end up using a million pins?? Well, about half of them are going to want to poke you as you pull the jellyfish right side out!

Step 11: Stuff the jellyfish.

Step 12: Sew up the hole in the side. I do it by hand.

Wahla!!! You have a jellyfish tag doll for those kids in your life that love tags! As I write this, I realizes that this could also be a beautiful Under the Sea party decoration as well!! hmmmm…..  I’m always thinking…..

And she liked it!

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  1. Sheila Perl says:

    awwww, very cute and your directions are easy to understand 🙂

  2. This is really cute and I would love to try to make it. Where is the pattern.

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