KCWC- More Comfy Pants

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I’m back on track with my Kids Clothes Week Challenge! I was frustrated yesterday, but I’m loving the pants I made today. Again,they’re not all that exciting. But they work! Like I mentioned the other day, we are in need of comfy pants! I’m getting those crossed off the list.

The other thing about comfy pants in our house is that we have a lot of what I call ‘inside comfy pants’, but they are comfy pants that the kiddo wants to wear everywhere! So we need some comfy pants that he could wear inside and out and not look like he’s just wearing pj’s everywhere. I think these hit the spot.

I made these the same way I made the ones on Day 1 and included a few extra details. For the waist I cut down the pattern to not have the hem and basically made a really large binding that hides the elastic.

And I added the pockets! How do you like my fake piping? I just added a little piece of trim, sewn right sides together and then turned it over, but not quite all the way and stitched it down!

I loved Meg’s black and white shirt from yesterday with the bright colored trim and was going to do the same thing. But… I wanted a stripe and I didn’t have any good stripes for what I wanted, so I stuck with my grey and white seersucker. A punch of color would have been fun though… But it looks like the kiddo is having fun enough without the color, huh???