To Do List- Modernista Homemade Swap, done

Another two things off the To Do List!

This swap is pretty cool. This was Round 2. Round 1 was for the sewing room. Round 2 is for the kitchen! Curious what Round 3 will bring! The first thing on my partners ‘want’ list was a 10×10 mini quilt and her colors were red and yellow. One of the pictures in her mosaic was this one of these hand stamped tea towels by Nesta Home. This was my inspiration!

image via flickr by Nesta Home

From this image of tea towels came this sketch:

And from this sketch came this mini quilt:

I went through a lot of font hunting and finally found a font that reminded me of these stamps, Gunslinger. I had to edit the font a little. It had a little too much white, so I colored it in a bit. Then printed the words on a printable fabric.

As the secondary item, I made a group of 5 little magnets! I’ll tell ya more about these here!

I can’t wait to get my package any day now!!!

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  1. Super cute, Louise! I hope she loved it, you did a fantastic job.

  2. What a cute idea! I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my link up party on facebook!

  3. This looks so good! I really want to do this and I was wondering how you printed it on? And is there a particular ink that won’t run when washed?

    • This is printed on specially treated fabric sheets from the fabric store. They are meant to be printed on with an ink jet printer. Then you heat set it (per the directions) with the iron and it’s washable! I used this printable fabric on numerous projects, most of them it’s worked great. They have been washed, but not alot. I used it on a kitchen towel with a light print and after a BUNCH of washings, it’s barely there anymore. But on the projects that aren’t put up to a ton of washing, it’s been fine. Ha! I just figured out why the others have stayed fine except that one… The kitchen towel I washed a bunch and I washed it in with the whites and bleach!!! So if you use the sheets, don’t use bleach in the wash!


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  2. […] Swap was for the bedroom. Each round has been for a different room in the house, the dining room, kitchen, sewing room, living room. My partner wanted pillowcases for her main item and a fabric storage box […]

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