A Quilted Bulletin Board for Christmas

Yep, another Christmas present! These are going to be going on for a while, so stick with me! And yes, this is another one I made for my husband! AND…. It’s another project to mark off the To-Do List!

You’re probably thinking, this isn’t very manly and it kinda looks like it’s in a kids room, so why is it for her husband???


OK, so why would you think it’s in a kids room? Does the growth chart on the wall give it away???

If that’s what you were thinking, you’re right! It is for my son’s room. And please excuse the pictures. The lighting in our downstairs doesn’t lend itself to great photography. (at least not easily! anyway….) When we re-did our basement for more living space, the electric panel was in our son’s room and we decided to leave it there. In hindsight, I’m not sure why, but we did! And to cover it, because who wants a big ugly electrical fuse box in their room, we made this wooden frame with a cork bulletin board to cover it. I don’t have a before picture…


Probably about 6 months to a year after installing it, the cork fell off and it’s been this eyesore in the room. And my husband has been asking and asking for me to sew something to cover the cork and reinstall it. So that was about 3.5 to 4 years ago…. You’d think I’d be better at getting things done for our house, huh!


I’ve been thinking about it all these years. I promise! How to install it… What is the design going to be…. Then I became obsessed with these wonky stars. That’s when I knew the design for the bulletin board!


So my husband got the pieced fabric wrapped up under the tree! And then after Christmas, I glued cork to a piece of foam core and then wrapped the quilted piece to the foam core/cork and inserted in the panel frame!


Most of the fabrics I used were scraps left over from his bedding nad curtains with some new coordinating pieces added in. And if I don’t say so myself, it looks great with the ribbons, favorite pictures and art projects added in!

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