Sew Ready to Play Wrap Up!

Another wonderful season of Sew Ready to Play has come to an end! It’s sad, but true. I just have to give a wonderful shout out to all my guests and a HUGE thank you for participating!


Just in case you missed a day, let me remind me you of all the great projects!



Pick up Sticks by Yours Truly

Twister by Narelle from Cook Clean Craft

Lego Indiana Jones by Ari from Max-California

Sequence for Kids by Andrea from The Train to Crazy

Chinese Checkers by Debbie from A Quilter’s Table

Etch-a-Sketch by Michele from Michele Made Me

High Ho Cherry-O by Al from Shaffer Sister’s

Checkers by Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts

Bean Bag Toss by Shannon from Little Kids Grow

Three Little Pigs by Anneliese from The Aesthetic Nest

OK, so now, after seeing all these fantastic projects, what’s your favorite game? And what would you make?

Thanks again everyone for making another great season of Sew Ready to Play!


  1. This was a fun series, Louise! Thanks again for letting me play along! (love the mosaic above!)

  2. Hey hun,

    I don’t remember seeing the womans vest. When was that one sent out?


  3. Thanks for having me Louise! It’s a great series and pretty cool that it’s been going for 3 years running. Love that kind of continuity. 🙂

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