Process- Quilt #4

I am absolutely horrible with giving baby and wedding presents on time!

So… I’m back to some quilting… I”m not done with Quilt #3, the one for the wedding that was last June. (in my defense, I did decide the weekend of the wedding that was what I wanted to give them… I guess I could have planned a little better. I also could have decided to make an easier design…) But…

I have to move on to Quilt #4. Another baby quilt. For a baby that will be one next month. Ok, so this is another one of those bad planning on my part things! But…  The baby shower took place when she was 4 months old… So, technically I’m only 8 months behind! This is another quit where baby shower guests brought fabric swatches for the quilt.

So the quilt design is going to be green grass along the bottom with a purple sky and dragonflies flitting along. I think I figured out the grass part… Here’s my sample. Imagine the brown part green and the blue part a purple sky.

The colors are from the baby’s room. I just happened upon the polka dot sheet with the exactly right colors so I snatched that up for the back! Then found the green and purple to go with it.

The dragonflies will be from the fabric the guests brought.

I can’t wait to share more!!

Is it horrible that I am so late on these things? Or is it the thought that counts? Or does it make it ok to be so late since it’s a handmade gift of love??